the lost baby

The woman came
She searched for a boy
His boy was kidnapped
He was so young
He couldn't eat
He couldn't drink
He depended on his mother
To eat ,to drink and to know
He still so young
She searched for him
She asked about him
The world was so wide
The young was so hide
She cried aloud 
She asked every one
She might ask the birds
Those fly at the sky
She might talk to the stones
To know the news of her infant
Those at the earth stay
She called at him at loud
She was at hard time
She got all her effort out
She couldn't move her leg
Even the hunger governed her
Even the thirsty appeared at her
But she asked one demand
Her infant ,her infant
She heard about one woman
Who had talked ot
She ran to met
She looked at
He was hers
She screamed at loud
My infant my infant
They were taken to the prophet
Solomon was the prophet
They reached at him
They stood at his court
He listened to the first
He was concentrated
He listened to the second
He paid attention to speak
He was silent
After two ended
He said to them
"If you both want him
I will bring the saw
To divide him
For each one of you
to take a half of him"
the real mother screamed
"no, no,no
Let her take him
I want him alive
Even he was not mine"
The prophet smiled
And said to her
"Take your infant"
The real mother wanted her son

Live with happy and fun