The thief 6

The negotiation
The thief said" if you get a reward .A prize for saving that smart princess. First, what is that? .Second, what is my portion of that reward?"
The thief said: "Say what do you want?"
He said:" two piles of gold"
The thief said "not two, but three piles of gold"
He said" I said that to get you impede but how do you get that gold?"
The thief said "I will marry the most intelligent, charm and smart girl in the world"
 He said "who will marry you, stupid? .Oh! King's Daughter! Great fault .If you told the mad one, he would laugh at your talk"
The thief continued" and I will be the caliph of the king!"
He said "what is the great mock? Who did deceive you my dear?"
The thief said" if I told you that .Is true, not false or wrong .you must help me as you man and you must help her ."
He said" then if it is faith .I must have ten piles .Those are only for our friendship"
The thief said "is not that very expensive! Let them only five"
He said "no! That is only my wish to get the money and be rich and to enter the parliament and become noble and get life and live with a high rank and is considered as the masters with intelligent. If they do bad or wrong .I will do as them, eat like them"
The thief said" that is your insist .Make them eight piles .Is that more than you think?"
He said "but I will do as your think .Then when must we go?"
The thief said "as you wish and want"
He said "now without late!"
The boss prepared for eat and they prepared their tools. They began long walk as they had a small chart.
That the king gave it to him to know his road
They do first step to have the smart cured. The mountain is not east or west as it was between four mounts. They surround it by all sides and it got dark since the witch began her work.
She did badly in every walk. So, the mount hate her work.
They must pass first by a valley between big mounts those are filled with harm snakes and wild those attack.
The boss said" we must go around discovering our way and road"
They passed and passed day and night, creeps or walks.
They disappeared from a look .The wild snakes were spread
They had a big fire to walk and pass in without attack
They go directly to the mount that was dark and showed no signs for walk
They walked slowly without a sound that might make the mind and eye searched for them and they looked when they became near it
They crawled, not walked. They became in front .The world became silent
The sun shined and contrasted .They ascended and got up .They suddenly found a huge giant
He carried them in one hand
When he faced them, he laughed
They might be naked by the storm of his laugh  
The fair jinn
He laughed and they tended to downed to the earth as the jinn's mouth' blew winds strongly .They hanged each others and fit strongly and they felt unbalance
They were moving swingy towards to those winds those pushed them backward and forward. When they forced the winds forwards, the jinni laughed loudly
As his finger was caught strongly by their strong hands, he stopped of laughing and gazed.
His laughter was like a thunder .it can vibrate the mounts, his head was big completely, His eyes opened wide in vertical not horizontal as the rest of the creatures. His mouth huge as a tunnel, his hear was tall and out order. The winds moved it lower or higher as they blew
He had astonished and troubles. They had completely feared of laughter
He said with clearly voice:" You have a good luck as I got my lunch.
If I was hungry I could eat you eagerly .but as I am so fair .I will compete you here
Who will touch this higher cloud in the upper sky above your heads, he will be the winner .He will get a meat as lunch, I will love him much .I let him stay then I ate him in the end, If I get a hunger again and am not I fair?
He asked them.
He continued and said "I play with him a hunter. I let him run ad escape and try to disappear and then "He stopped again and continued "it is the first time
To hear that eulogize.
The thief said" aren't you the jinn's king? .That is known for all"
He laughed again
They said "please!"
He stopped with sudden gazing like the eyes of big seas. Then he said "I am the younger in the world of jinn the king is hundred times bigger than mine in mind and bodies, and his guards are fully in muscles. Their heads are bigger than mounts.                                                                                                                                                     
They can touch the sky with their heads easily
The thief interrupted "But they moved slowly!"
 The jinn said "slowly!"No, they are fast. Moving from the east to the west in a less of a blink they hand can dig a Land.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
They pass around the earth in seconds .Several, several rounds, but your                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
The thief said "Your, your mind is the most intelligent.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Your body is the greatest and fit .Your eyes are vertically
That is mean an important rule you the most smartest 
The trick
Your hair moved freely and long that air left it easily. I can believe it can be tall, and long as the sun lines in tall.
The jinn said" oh! Thanks for all; we can be friends for a while. I will let you eat not little
And drink like that bottle, and play to get some different between fear and amusement.
Do you accept this agreement?"
The thief said "who can refuse that offer!"
The jinn said "now let us begin that compete. The race begins here to the upper cloud there
Now! Let's begin that faster"
He flew to the cloud and returned faster than the eye's blink .The thief clapped his hands.
He said with amused look "bravo dear majesty! But to get the race in good
We want you to show in short way to get that end."
The jinn said "in spite of my thought that says is not good and as you are neglect my conditions for the race. I will show you That" .He got off, but the thief said" Wait !dear majesty! .I want you to let us nearer to see the road in the front clear and ease as you could.
The jinn said" in spite of a thought that's seems some clouds and foggy in my heart and mind .I have no object!"
He bowed and lifted the boss by a hand and put on the left
The thief said "do you mind to point at the road and explain the road which we will look"
The jinn said "that is awful demand. But I will have a talk"
He began to explain, and after he finished he said" Are you ready?"
The thief said "yes let's count"
The jinn said "count! Count"
The thief said "one, two, and three". He began to fly .As he couldn't lift his weight, he cried from that pain that is gotten at his head because his hair was tied strongly by the road behind
The thief hurry entered the jinn's ear carrying a sharpener road of wood.
He said "now I could get you wound in your inner ear"
The thief laughed and said "Oh! I will have harm you .This is a weak rod .It does only harm and bleeds"
The thief said in hurry" Sure my lovely jinn as the rod had strong poison that kill the big mount in short ,in second."
The jinn cried and said" Please! Don't hurt me, as I do my work. I am ordered to stop every stranger and get him dead .my king had a word." If I do that, he will marry me with my love"
The thief said" do you have a love?"
The jinn said" we have been engaged for about thousand .I tried to save gold to build our strong Home, beautiful and good"
The thief said "thousand! How old are you?"
The jinn said "I have four thousand years"
The thief said "now said your last demand before you had killed"
The jinn said "no, no I will do every want. I will be your obeyed slave and did every demand"
The thief said "if I let you a live, you will let us go .You will also help us to know the way to get that bad work that was done by that bad one"
The jinn said "no! but I will do only three wishes only take these two pieces of wood and scratches them hard. I will beside you in a moment"
The thief said" that is a deal"
The jinn said "indeed!"
The thief said "let's palm hands!"
Then he said "that is bad at my thought!"
Good bye
The jinn smiled at them and looked with great happy saying" imagine you are the only one who beat me and get their want to be free. I am happy to see men like you."
He continued "the jinn king made me very worry from the bad that I will be punished
.You make me feel with a challenge .My life has new face and new way. I looked like one who get an average limit between life and death, envisage."
He asked "Can we be friends for future age? Can we be friends for ever?
For me, I will be faith for ever. We will be meeting more again."
The thief said" yes, yes my friend .But I want to stop for a while to return our lost breath and sets our upsets faces and go to reply the natural callings as the fear filled our hearts ,we can't control our tempers"
The jinn said "yes, yes friends"
He carried them in a hand and put them into a land.
The boss said to his friend "I will not stay and I will go away, without late, without wait as I met the death that day not one time or two times but thousands times. So, I can't bear or stand. So accept apologize."
 He ran and waved his hand saying" Bye friend bye"
The thief said "you are right, as you don't see her .You are right, as you don't see her
As she looked with fear from that punishment she had without any fault. But I am your friend who you gave me a hand to help me get his demand.
The boss said "if it is possible, without death or danger! I will do it with eager to get my friend happier. Now let me get a travel and say to you a speech "God bless you for ever""
The thief and the boss embraced. Their eyes were all filled with tears .They both go to his road
The thief met the jinn again .He said "I want to get my demand and have my princess cured."
He asked "Can you help me to reach to that bad magic work and have witch dismissed?"
The jinn said "that is impossible wish to enter that strong fort. You will meet difficult impediment, and you may get dead or lost."
He continued " I advice you to return. You must return in hurry and if you love her, marry her. Pray to your God to cure her .May he answers and curs her. Now return my boy. Take the road with that guy that I am afraid you will be vanished. I will lose my brave one to make me ask and take every one, every passing or walk."
The thief said" that is written by fate .You do your work and you have good luck. You will succeed and will be remarked .You be at the top and you will be obeyed .Your opinion will be judgment. I promise to pray to the God to give me the luck that I deserve against my work. I must have a faith .If a man said a word, it can't be changed
till the end of the last drop of his blood and I gave a word"
The jinn said" is that accurate? That tale I heard. There are some guys who still do their word .The world is still good and the bad will be end .If you insisted, you must meet the king"
The thief said" can you describe him?"
The jinn said "The king is the strongest!"
He continued "He is the hugest than any described and His sound is higher thousands
Than any sound. If a thunder collected in one act, his laughter is higher in act
It may fall that mount, and smashed it to sand."
He continued "His eyes are wide and opened so he can't close his eyes for a second to get that fort over a want. His eyes opened vertically and his eyes' balls are bigger
You can see yourself bigger twice than your normal." He continued .Can you face that danger?
The insist
The thief said "yes with all my heart .Can you lead me or show the road that I must go and walk to meet that danger king Face him and know the method. Face him and know the method. , I will do as I could .As I knew the fate had wrote its word"
The jinn said" in spite of my fear and as you have brave spirit ,I will show the road
But my advice to you first don't be hurry. Don't talk loudly. See where you are accurately"
The man walked directly.
He met a strong storm suddenly. It made him circled around .He swirled in a big circle till he lost his temper.
The time is passed quickly, as it is stayed stationary. He didn't remember accurately
As his eyes were wide opened or closed.
He collected his thought. He tried to give up in a second.
But the storm blow again. He was showed all colors. He tried to fall down to get ride of that blow."
Then the storm blow again and the swirl was very danger as it circled around him. He put his head on the land covering it with the hands. He tried to make his hear prohibit
The storm sound was decreased slowly, slowly. It was vanished.
He left his head up and found one appeared on his left, on his right, back on his front
He became stunt and then a giant. He circled around and stood on his legs. Then he stood on his head. The thief looked in a strange look .He didn't feel with courage.
Then he thought he is an acrobat one. He burst of laughing that made him fall on his back and that one stopped and looked with anger and hate gazed.
He said in a sound that was loud "Do you mock of my walk?"
The thief said "No, but you are a funny look.  You are a good taken a heart under the bones. as you do a rapid things at the same moment"
The jinn stopped and opened his eyes thinking for a moment .Then he laughed very loud that made the winds blew up and made the thief's clothes flew up.
He might be nearly naked .Then the jinn got stunt for a second. He said with a kind sound "I said you are the first person that he didn't see me awful. Now, I can make good friendship .I can get marry with a relationship who loves me truly. I am not horrible. I do not responsible for that may be awful. Now I got a friend that I will do his demands. Then he asked "Tell me what you want? I will act in a moment"
The thief swallowed his spittle. Then he walked around and said "There is only one demand"