the thief 8

The sea shore
The thief said" then tell me road to reach to the jinn king .Tell me the easy method to be in the witch's home .I will be very grateful .I will remind your favor for ever with great thankful."
The wise said" oh! There is one method to get your want by reaching to his lover"
The thief said "Oh! The king of jinn has a love"
The wise said" yes it is his wife"
The thief said" She must be very kind and her heart is white"
The wise said "what! She is not! At all ways are not! Her heart is very hard .Her bad works is the worst than her husband"
The thief said "then! Why you tell me about her and send me to that Bad one and has a heart Harder that the stone heart. Do you think that I am good or I have a persuade word
That I convert the hard to soft? That's great fault"
 The wise said" no, no, no but in fact. If she knows you get to reach her husband
She will make your life sad and separate your body into parts"
The thief swallowed his spittle. He said" then what is the way to her?"
The wise said" I am fear to say. I don't know her way"
The thief looked very sad and the tears tend to descend.
The wise said" but I know one way through the dive into sea to meet there that king
Who his judgment is very fair and is known for all beings"
The thief said" but how can I dive and I can't know even right method to swim with safe side"
The wise said "don't ask and go right"
The thief said Good bye" to the wise
The thief let the wise and went. He stood beside the sea shore. He talked to it and said
"Dear sea, Here passed a prophet from the more merciful God. He escaped from the worst king .You was helped by the God when he ordered and you obeyed. I will ask you a demand.
Could you help to be safe and return the peace and life to the smartest princess?"
He cried loudly when he remembered that he must said that
"sana, sana, sana"
The three phenomenon
He cried loudly .Suddenly a foggy appeared. He couldn't move but dropped to the earth without word as the wise had been told "Do not say a word"
The foggy covered his world. The sun was disappeared. The weather got cold. The dark put his head with greatest anger. Its tusks with sharpens .it can reach to the heart in easiest way. The body was vibrated in speed as the cold was very hard, to make all the world very solid as the ice. The clouds made the universe very dark.
The cold appeared as a huge giant ,That made his heart feared and made him tempered.
The cold attacked the hearts make them in chatter manners.
The foggy made the weather cold, and the tempers were trembled.
He would scream at loud but he heard a low sound besides saying with kind mood "Be calm and take a breath .It will be passed without harms. But if you open your mouth, the unexpected will be seen.'
He couldn't bear this suffers .He tended to open his mouth as he astonished and got amazed by this huge foggy shapes. Those appear in different shapes, colors and smells that made hearts to fill of fear. He opened his mouth .But it closed in seconds. Hear "you try to be dead .Be calm and keep silent. No one can change the fate except one is the God."
He looked towards the sound and found the jinn that he met in the entrance of this mount.
The jinn covered his mouth by his hands and a face in angry and said in low voice "The time will go well. Who love to taste honey, must bear the sting of bee"
The foggy tended to send forces of harm and foggy waves that may paralyze the limbs
They seemed to touch the earth in its deep and the sky in its high. They touched the earth.
So he could not take a breath and the time was very heavy as it in passed. He felt that his life was coming to its final to its end. He wanted to shout enough as he thought that the sky had fallen to the earth and no breath except that came from a needle's slot. But the jinn smiled .He beard those pains. So he said to himself "Why could he bear that pain? And I can't bear them"
The foggy made every sand mud. The foggy watered all that Plants, all walks, the stands and all things by the steam that was condensate.
Then a loud voice as a strike passed by their ears that may caused them surds
Then it elevated higher, higher above in the sky there .The sun was appeared there again and the calm was returned again.
They stood on their feet. He smiled to that jinn thanking him several times .Then he liked to ask a question but the black covered the world. He couldn't see his hand .He couldn't know even he stood or he fell to the earth.