The awful man


That it was tale. The man who was so powerful and his muscles were appeared trying to get out of his members. His shoulders were so wide and very strong. When he walked the land was vibrated .his steps had a clear and strong sound. He might walk like that willfully. The people of that town feared of him. He took from them money, evicted them from their homes, steal their ships, cows or camels or cows.  He asked money to return them or they would be sold at the market for animals. The men who were stolen were been made to get the money even they don't have. He could stole even at day, even where the guards saw him and couldn't tell the police about who stole as there was no notice was told to the police station. The town at all knew who stole the things. He could steal also gold, silver, a valuable apparatus. The sheriff also knew the thief but who could stop him.   There was a boy who always faced him and mocked from him .he was hurt hard by this strong man He couldn't not reply his hurt. the man said to him at a coarse sound "I will kill you ,if you face me"
The boy heard  that from one ear and ejected it from another. He faced him again and he was hurt hard till he went to hospital to get cure. The awful man was in anger in complete .He evicted his family from the all town. They were out of town and lived at the nearer town. The boy was told not to enter that town "his previous town "or he will be killed except he took permission from that thief. The boy didn't pay attention and made a deal with other young boys to get ride from him He entered the town and the town and he expected he found them .there is no one .There was him .the awful man
He said at hard and loud voice that made the sleeping persons at town awaked" why did you return?"
The boy said "because it is my town and I can visit it at any time"
The awful man said "after I had evicted you must not, and you must be seen. go boy or I wear with my God you will be killed if you stay at moment"
The women who saw them cried and called at him to get out. The men argued the power man to permit him to stay
The boy said at clear and heard sound "no ,I will stay"
The power man said "oh !he came to make a revolution by the help of your friend .they were prisoner at their homes. These town are crowd. You heard this town are crowd!"
The boy said "guy , don't say that they are not crowd "
The man laughed and said "so tell me why did they prison their sons at homes?, because they arte crowd"
The boy said "no they are so kind and no the relatives and neighbors rights"
The man said "what? You obstruct me you deserved to be punished" .The man moved towards the boy who saw that mount came and made the light vanished. He feared ,so he ran .the man and the attendant who saw that laughed. They still ran till the man could catch the boy. He said "you obstruct me!. You deserve to be killed."
He struck him with his big and had grip. He struck him again .he lift him up and let him down at force. He struck him hard at the wall and at the earth. The women cried they argued the man to stop. The man said he served to be killed. If I let him all of small creatures do like him."
The boy's face was filled with blod .he lost his mind that made the woman cried loudly and calling at their men "you are crowd"
While the boys could get free from their prisons and got free .they moved towards the yard.
When the awful man saw them ,he laughed loudly and said "you came to share our celebrate. So come here dearest."
He caught the first and struck him at the wall and hurt another at his mouth .he smashed one to the earth. The other was dragged, the group was truly hurt.
The boy stood weekly and said "even you took our sprits" another spirit will appear and face the worst men as you"
The man said "you still a live .you deserved to be killed"