The ant of Salmon

The prophet Solomon and his kingdom was exposed to big problem that there was a lack of water and the rains didn't ascended for long time. He told everyone to get out to do the water pray where every one at the town get out to pray .the animals also were companied with their owners to pray. The nation was talked .one said "Solomon with his able couldn't move the wind to move the clouds to holy land and let them crashed at each other and thus the waters were ascended"
The second said "he could order the jinn  to transport water to any part of the world"
The other said "he could make the jinn go beyond the earth and knew where the water is , and thus he could dig wells easily"
Solomon was strong and good prophet. He didn't listen to any word.
He decided to pray to his God as the God created us and to show his god how he and his kingdom is weak corresponding to the God welfare.
He got out with his nation and he saw the ant stood on  her four legs and lift her two front legs and asked her God saying" my God, don't damn us by the fault of Adam's son. H is so proud, he forget everything and remembered his wants, he does bad things and refused to confuse"
Solomon said "return home, that ant said what we want"
After while the water ascended much
They were admired that ant and asked to invite her to Solomon's palace, but she refused. She didn't do any favor to human; she did that for her nation and the weakest animals.
He met it one day and asked her why she had a small abdomen. She said to eat a little"
He said "why is this yellow line at your abdomen?"
The ant said to know how do I increase with my fat?"
He said how many seed of wheat are enough?"
The ant said "two wheat at one year"
The prophet said put it in a box of glass that let the air in and could be living in with two seeds wheat.
After one year Solomon found the ant and a wheat. He was astonished and asked her "why don't you eat all wheat?"
She said "as My God gives me and he doesn't forget me ,but the Adam's son may forget me so I eat one and save the other to face the case of forget I may be faced"