The girl and her mother

The girl asked her mother "why does she always warn me from the thief?"
The mother said "because he always wants to steal our money or valuable things"
The girl asked "why? Is he poor, or has no work or job?"
The mother answered" no, he may not .He may grow in bad family. Or he lernt that work when he was a small and when he grew up he found himself doing that .he may also think he may get a lot of money when he steals less than money when he works at ordinary work!"
The girl asked her mother "what can the thief steal?"
The mother said "money and all valuable things!"
The girl said" does the thief fear when he steal?"
The mother said "may be!"
The girl said "how?"
The mother said "what how?"
The girl said "how does he fear and why?"
The mother said "oh! He fear to be discovered or caught by the police and be punished and stay at prison for while. He fear to be caught after stealing and thus he can amused by his steal"
The girl said "has the thief has weapon?"
The mother said "may be !"
The girl said how and why?"
 The mother said "to threaten every one will object him or try to stop him and to make his job easy!"
The girl said "can he kill any one"
The mother said "may be"
The girl said" why?"
The mother said "because of the fear who governs him and the punishment he will get          ,when he steals. He thought also he might kill as the thing he stole may be guarded"
The girl asked "is the thief intelligent?
The mother smiled and said "may be .there are some places must be needed mind .great mind"
The girl "is there is storey for stealing?"
The mother said "yes. the fox wanted to steal the peace of cheese that was at the crow's mouth stood at the branch of the tree .the fox can't  fly and if he climbed the tree the crow may fly or eat the cheese. So he thought and sad "dear crow your voice is so wonderful when you sings. Can you sing a small song for that wonderful morning!"
The crow believed him and opened his mouth to sing .the cheese felt to the earth. The fox took it and said "that I want"