The two braves

صورة: ‏اللهم انا نعوذ بك من السلب بعد العطاء ومن الشدة بعد الرخاء 
ومن الفقر بعد الغنى ومن الضلالة بعد الهدى‏

There were two girls playing at the garden .the garden was public for all people .they played a game for girls. The men and women sat to see that game especially when it was at the end. The two was very clever and it was very interested. The girls tried to do their effort to win. What they get?
They got admired from people and the effort that got strong and fit bodies. When one achieved the victory .They saluted each other, checked each other. They went catching each hand. They heard a calling "help, help"
They ran following the sound. They heard "a thief, thief"
They ran faster following the sound. They reached at the place .Finding a person carrying a knife and stealing a lady. It was on the earth. The people were watching, doing nothing. The man shouted "if one of you approached I will get her abdomen out. The man looked angry and tried to walk.
First girl pushed the other saying at loud" let me facing him"
The other pushed her and said the same words wile her back toward the thief. He caught the thief strongly and ran towards her back. The crowed was sighed and shouted. the first made an acrobatic move and caught the knife by her two legs. The other flew up and hurt him at his head by her two legs . it was so strong that made him falling without move .they tied him well and got in a police. When he was imprisoned  
He refused to tell how he was arrested?

 صورة: ‏اسامح لأرتاح ... واتناسى لأبتسم ... وأصبر لأن ثقتى بالله ليس لها حدود ... واصمت لأنى لا اريد ان اجادل ... واتغاضى لأن لا شىء يستحق الانفعال .‏