The awful man2

The man stood he made the children stood beside the wall .he looked to the main boy and laughed. He laughed in rough .he talked at harsh sound "you thought you will be the boss of your group. the ancient said"  there is one boss for a boat. here I am the boss and you are also. Who can be that one?"
The boy said "I want to say…"
He clapped his hands in anger and said with mocking "listen the sheriff will speak To you his nation .no sound. no breath. Talk dear majesty."
The boy said " I am not the boss here.  You know. If he spoke the world will listen"
The boy said "you talked in spite of me .be patient till I finished speak."
The awful man covered his head with his two hands for a while. He lift his hands and said"what ,dear majesty , you said I must be patient til the boss finish his peak"
He looked angry and said "do you know "there is no one told me like that. I  will make you the food for wild birds"
The boy looked and smiled .that made the awful man got angry. He lifted the boy up while the women cried for help. One of them looked at  the men and said "you are men ,how van you live?"
The men didn't respond .the awful man lifted the boy up with crying and sad .
Suddenly they heard the voice came out from the crowd "let the boy down safely"
The awful man turned angrily and said "who could order me"
The silent crowd sighed and looked towards the voice. She was the boy's mother who came at frast with naked feet. She said at angry "let my son without hurt."
The awful looked at her with fire got from his eyes . he told his men who stood at cicle pointed their armies towards the crowd and ther toward the boys. He said "wait till I show how I will punish him"
He lifted him up as the light game and lifet him up free and let him fell "
The woman cried and ran she stroke one of his men and walked forward the awful man . he struck her with his hand at her face. She fell at her back"
The women screamed they attacked the awful man' men angrily"
The men shot some of them ..they fell to the earth .the men filled with revenge .they moved towards his men who were punished strongly. They faced him .he was completely hurt and almost damaged.
The boy was the revolution burst . he became th nation's hero