A lesson to the father

The father had two children ,son and daughter. He had a wife the. They all lived at home .he had also a father who lived at upper room.. he had a t.v that is connected to the main receiver controlled by down room. His life is almost lonely. When one asked him how are you ? he said "thanks to God. It is very good.
They had also a cat and dog who guard the house .the cat lived at the home while the dog lived at a garden.  He could usually got up and entered the house. When the ate they sent some food to the grandfather at special dishes. The carrying of those dishes usually was the boy .he usually stayed there and talk a speech to his grandfather. His grand father loved him and talked him about the ancient life .how it was difficult than now. They weren't TV. Or dish. There was only cinema and radio. The matches of football was very interesting than now. He considered the matches now are like the machines .the art and donate were there. Now the players are very speed. but the art was so rarely he mentioned the previous politics. the time was good as he passed so slow than now.
The grand son loved his grandfather and took a remark "why did he eat alone?"
The son asked his father "why does my grandfather eat alone? "
The father said "we have a special life that is not met with ours.
The son said "so I will keep these dishes!"
The father said "why?
The son said "as you will get older .I will let you live alone .and I will get you food at these dishes!. .