The old woman

The old woman was walking .she was carrying a heavy load. She tried to transport it to her home .She said to herself "a lot has gone ,and the rest is the few"
She walked slowly. She walked so slow when she is alone, carrying no load. What do you think when she loads a heavy load.
The weather in Mecca was very hot at noon. so all passer was walking in fast .they couldn't pay attention to her as they were fast, or they afraid they were asked to get help her. she knew that there was no one could give her a hand as the kind of them must have a rest under good shadow and will air. She was disappointed to meet one of those kind. she still moved step by step. she could remember when she was a girl she could carry a heavy load in tenth of weight as that load and compete with their friends and she won. Now ,who could return this back wonderful days ?
The hot is so nervous. The sun rays made the sand got a smoke as the smoke she saw at winter" by considering the difference"
She lost to get a help. She saw suddenly a ghost walking slowly .he approached in hurry; she thought he would pass without offer his help to her tent.
The methods to transport a heavy load may be give a rent to a person who is strong to carry it to your want, or to use animals as cows, camels ,horses or donkeys. not only she was an old ,but also she was poor. so she power her head when she saw a ghost approaching. It was a man..
She tried to walk, trying to neglect him .she heard him "can I help you mom?"
She thought it was a dream .
The man repeated his offer louder than the first but in polite. she stood in puzzle and murmured "What?"
He repeated at loud but in polite "could I help you mom?"
She said "but ..?"
He went to her and carried her load to her home. They were walking. She knew his name was "Mohammad"
He worked in care ships and cows. They finally arrived at home .she said to him "as I was poor and I can give you no reward ,I will advice you my dear son. In that neighborhood, there was a man invites to new religion .He is a liar .He must be magic"
He said "did you see him?"
She answered" no?"
He asked "Do you hear from him?"
She answered again "No!"
He said "so I am the man you mean"
She said "oh Gods!"
He said "there s no God except Allah"
She said "son, forgive me, I do not mean you !"
He said in kindly with smile "don't pay attention mom"
She said "but what are telling?.Read to me some from you get?"
He read some of holy Quran !"
She said "no it is not magic, and you are not liar "son !How can I follow you and enter you religion!?"

He smiled and "yes of course!"