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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

the highest home

One day j "The melted man"

The man was walking very sad. He lived on a village beside the Nile river. He used to walk on the morning,and at night. He decreased his friends as he said, “the friends are now bad.they used to mock on me as I have no sons and daughter.”
He had a cultivated land that his father reclaimed it. His father grew sheep and cows. The only demand to complete his happy as his life was good and moved stationary. His wife and him wanted to get child,boy or girl. They first wanted boy,but when they grew up they asked only daughter. The boy in that town is important as he help his father at his work he can carry the responsible of the home demands as he could work and get money. People make great celebrate when the woman born a boy. The man got sad. He walked beside the Nile river ,at summer and at winter. At the beyond cave made of traps tided with strong ropes. He washed from Nile and prayed to God. He asked him one only demand “boy or girl”
The people used to see him praying ,crying and asking God.
One day, in the winter,when the weather was cold and the night was very cold. He did wudoo even the weather was very cold and the frozen water freezing the hands and the legs. The man did his Wudoo and prayed to his God”Oh! God! Help me!the people mocked on me!I wanted a child any child to stop their mocking, please give my demand even it was made of sweet.”

The weather was cold. The clouds covered the sky. The stars were shamed and got cold. They got warm by covering by the rays of the sky. The stars felt cod,so they went to sleep>the storm blew up,the winds increased their speed. The lighten appeared and the thunder was heard.the rains became to ascend. They ascended first little and they ascended more.They covered and spread every span of the earth. The lighten made a big light hat draw a big shape of old creatures.They can draw animals in battle. The thunder increased its attack. They moved from the sky downed a blink. The man was downed to the earth. The lighten increase the man was unconscious.the winds blew up, they lift lifted the cave from the root. The cave was up and then was downward. The man was stuck by a big piles of straws. He was up. The lighten ascended to the river. He saw the water lifted up. He saw the water could touch the sky. Even the rains were much,he found his cloths were still dried. He saw a big and shine light stroke the river and then the big shape was appeared. He filled with fear. He hided his eyes by his hands.he tried to move and tried to get up .the lighten was shine.he tried to run.then he saw a strange shape              

Monday, February 20, 2017

One day I

The sun looked angry
She said clearly
The kind heart can hurt
The kind heart is softly
Obey his God kindly
Knows the favor respectfully
Returns the worst with fully
Kind and good behavioral
Devil can not be angel
Devil can destroy without mercy
Angel obey his God completely
The green can be yellow
The good plants can not be worst
The kind land can not be dessert
I am raising daily
I want to destroy the godless
I want to get bad creatures destroy
I want to clean the world from the worse
The winds touch his cheeks softly
They whispered at his ear kindly
“don’t obey your thought
Don’t convert to be the worst
Every thing damned the squalid 
I will say a word
God looks to the kind
God makes his life soft
And he save him from the hurt”
Boy cried at loud
He said in loud
‘who saved me from thee hurt”
He said the sounds
Coming from all sides
Only you god
He said at lowly
“who could beat the ugly”
They said loudly
“only your God only’’
He threw the stone away
He bowed with cry
The winds dried his tears
He looked around
The fire increased
He must get his uncle saved
He asked for help
The sound was not been heard
As thee place was wide
No one was been showed
Except tower at wide  
He called no one respond
He looked at
The fire got closest
He saw a lake
After it was a rocket
At the limit of mount
The eagles were called
They carried him up
He was in the front
Of that rocket
He prayed to his God
To help him to move that
The winds blew up
The eagles came at first
The rats were presented
The cats pushed, pushed
The rocket couldn’t be moved
The fire got closest
It would touch him in fast
He called for God
The winds said”God”
The rats and the cats
They said “Oh God”
The rocket was moved
It was fallen at
The lake downed
Making great amount
Of water getting up
It fight the danger
It downed the flames
It chased it out
The water made a bright
And rainbow was cleared
The man at wide
Called the help
To say what is wrong
The man was saved
The relative boy were attendant
They knew they were bad
The bay was good
The judge asked
Who will care of that smart
The boy’s relatives said                             

His lovely smart
Nanny who taught
How to get love
And help the weak one!


Sunday, February 19, 2017

One day "h"

The fire is grown
Its tongue could reach the sky
It can melt the cloud
The birds would be fallen
If they passed over and wide
The danger would surround
The boy was astonished
He cried, cried a lot
The fire had not heart
It burned and killed
It is enormous over thought
Stop, stop, the obey ordered
Then he argued
The fire is danger
It is crawled as oracular
Big, big as monster
Its shape was as wild
Came from abdomen of the past
Stop, stop
The fire could not respond
The fire could not act
Except attack
Attack at every side
It called at it
It crawled in fast
His heart pumped
His heart jumped
He wanted to escape
It had been caught
He could not move
The boy’s face got red
The boy’s face got pale
He called to his uncle
He called at loud
He called as he could
He called for help
At the end
He asked his God
At the end
After the ways of save has closed
After the hope was vanished
After the dark governed
One must get his head up
Asking one
Asking his God
To get his hand
The rat appeared
He called his friend
The eagle flew
He downed
He could not untie
He returned in fast
He carried the rat
By his nails
The rat in rapid
Could get the rope tie
The boy thanked his God
Then he thanked his friends
One must thank who helped
At least, return the favor
The eagle called more
To get the boy out
They gathered
The boy was not afraid
They carried him out
He was saved
He wanted to avenge
He could count the range
He asked them to get back
The eagles hate the dark
The injustice one was damned
By the sand, by the land
By every created
His limbs damned
The boy carried a big stone
He wanted to throw soon
He lifted it up
He will let it falling


Saturday, February 18, 2017

One day g

The man got anger
He forgot his duty
To take care of his nephew
He must be his father
Taught and get him happy
Growing up as new
Knight came from earlier
He forgot all of those
And wanted one only
He had reason and cause
To get that hate
Toward who must care
He wanted to cover the dust
Of last poor that was created
Only for him as he guessed
He cried wit loud 
And looked to the sky
Saying as if he had right
To destroy and kill
To spread worse at all
No he had a gun
He looked to the boy
And said with fun
Your time had come
Your luck is gone
I will do a thing
No one can’t help
Now come my boy
He entered a flat
The flat was near by
The country beyond land
He tied the boy strong
With heavy and long rope
He looked at the sky
Making laugh at loud
Speaking at high 
I will kill that boy
Who gives a hand
To save him and help
He got a petrol pot
He poured him at a head
Of boy and around 
He got a spark plug
He laughed as he got
A great victory in fact
Made by honor knight
The war must only go
At the land to turn
The enemy out of eye
To the enemy fall
The knight fights to protect
His land of being dead
Of being gone and occupied
By the worst mankind
The world is created by
The winner and the looser
To make the wheel turn
Fast and to get more advance
To get the smart and elegance
He danced and sang
The lighter was caught
His cover had been opened
He still danced and sang
He turned around
He lifted his hand
He said” I will be reach
I will not reach
Any one way to the beach
To get money and to get rich
Suddenly he fell down
His feelings were gone
The spark lighted
The fire appeared
As big and enormous wild
Had a big mouse that swallowed
Every thing he found
The boy screamed at loud
“uncle, uncle the fire attacked”


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

One day 1f

What we called love
In the past
Now we call tough
The days may be passed
But they digs signs
Reminded us what had happened?
It may be best
It may be worst
Who did that
Will carry his fault
Till his name reminded
Or that fault was thought
The time is now
For us to live in brother without hate
God creates the land
Knowing there will be enough
Place to live in
They decided to get him shot
His eyes were blinded
His legs were tied
His hands were backed
He stood the tallest
Tree on wide place
They were struggled
To get him dead
Every one wanted
Not to get him save
But to get him dead
Nanny prayed to God
To give him his hand
To get him save
The sun was anger
What is the matter
That makes the man able
To be worse than devil
The sun cried a lot
His tears were hot
Ascended on bald
He looked at her
Saying with mercy
What makes my queen cry?
She said in high sound
Making lightening was seen
And the thunder was heard
“the justice wanted to go
It was dismissed by mankind  
He could know
That he was created only
To live in land
Get it more calm
The eagles was downed
Fast than blink of eyes
Than the thunder lightens
He was on his hand
Against the bids act
He made himshot higher and up
The shot was aimed
At a balance stone
It was hardly on
He moved down and up
Then he was downed
Making a great vibrate
That made another one
Stone get up and then downed on that
Only bad anger one
Who cried a loud
That his long finger one
Was broken and she cried.

One day 1e

The anger increased
It was appeared
The Satan was viewed
On their faces
He tried to make elegance
His speech raised
He talked by their tongues
He made a complete plane
They designed and decided
The devil’s orders
They bought a car
It was an old car
They tied him in front
They stopped and were out
The car was speed
When they let him alone
They put it
At the end
Over the mount
The car was fallen
Speed as the shot
It was crashed
Then it had been fired
No one was out
They celebrate at loud
They cried at loud
They talked at loud
Finally we get money
The happy is near by
We don’t let it bye
They went with happy
They danced for happy
They suddenly saw a shape
Appeared on front
They thought he was a ghost
At the first of their blink
They were astonished
They asked what?
What had happened?
He said with calm
As he was a man
Not child but man
What had been happened?
He said when car failed
I was fallen
The door was open
I was on
High and strong branch
Which I was at the beach
Of getting save without harm
They cried of hate
They decided to get shot
They brought him a lone
In wide and far area
They tied his eyes
The Satan said in bad
Why do you wait?
You must have no mercy
To gain every happy
You must get it bravely
Or you will lose your enjoy
The time is now with you
Tomorrow even mine
May not with you
Don’t wait
Go ahead
To get every good”
The angel appeared
Over high cloud
Talking in sound
Heard by every heart
The love must be heard
By your mind and heart
Your relative is your arm
To get overlapped the bad
To make strong tie
Stood against warm
The love must govern
Kill every warn
To get your heart wide
Of what we called love”