The boy between danger 2

He looked at the crow and said "don't you help me? Don't you want to save me?"
The crow said "I want to help you and save ,but how in case of facing as these dangerous animal ,but I would go to ask the king of birds.
He flew up and returned with sad face. He said "I went to him and show him how ou are my best friend ,but he saw a word "the human has no deal."
The boy said "what?"
The crow said "yes!"
The boy cried and the two wild approached and said "so you are cowrd!"you fear of death!"
The boy said "no, I cried as my best friend wants to replace his place by mine!"
The both wild loved and said "oh!the crow is so awful and its test is the worst test and his voice what a bad voice!"
The crow said "what do you say?"
The wild repeats what he said .
The crow said "what ?"
He looked in bad manner .he said "we are worst creatures and we are worst in sounds . what awful .my danger increased but how ,how I can get ride my best friend from those thieves ,how can I find the revenge ?"
The wild loved and said "even you are weak than answered us!"
The crow said "yes!i am so crown  than answer you !"
He flew up and be absent .they reached at the top of the mount .the wild loved and said "we did your wish .now do our wish "
The boy looked at the sky and said "my god help me. he saw a branch .he  looked and concentrated .then he jumped up .he could reach it .but unfortunately they reached it .They vibrated it to get him down. But he flew up to reach another one. They laughed and clapped their hands .he saw a deepest valley that who felt in ,will had a death. He saw a mall tee growing at side of the mount at down .he concentrated .he said "my God help me. If I have not this danger, I will not do that"
But the crow suddenly appeared . he came with a huge of crows and others birds came to get revenge from those awful creatures. They flew towards the boy and returned him up.he stood facing the wild his courage was returned. The wild laughed loudly they wanted to jump up towards their hunt. The boy was lifted up. The wild got anger .they tried to hurt him .but they faced a great cloud of feathers.
They returned with jump .the crows said at one and high sound "we are awful creatures ,our sounds are the worst ,our shapes are the worst .what do you deserve?"
They laughed and said "we can differ you and make you as a meal with one strike from our nails"
The crows laughed at one breath . they said at one voice" come and show us "
The wild jumped . But they were carried high ,high and they were thrown to the deepest valley .they were dead
The crow said to the boy "dearest friend ,don't walk alone at danger places ,and don't make a noice especially when you know this is awful place,  and walk with care of bad creatures."
The boy said "thank you wy best friend and I don't know how I thanked "
The crows said "no thanks our dearest ."
They sang
We are not created
To be the worst
We are created
Created by our wise
Who created to be useful
For a reason
The important is
Show yourself is the one
Who deserved
To be the first
Don't listen
To who said
You are the worst
You are the best
Thanks to whom created
Our mind
To balance the saying
And know the kind
Of good, better and best
He is our

Photo: Fog over mountain peaks Photo: Mountains against blue sky