The lesson to the father

The boy listened to the bell rang . His fathers aid to him "go and see who has heavy blood to visit us at this hot hour .i want to stay with little clothes. If he was a nieghour to us say to him my father is out"
The boy went and did what his father ordered.
The man asked his boy "what did ?"
The boy toled him
The man said to the boy and what he answered you?"
The boy said " he said "oh!! I would like to sit with him to tell him about our city news and what can we do to improve its condition. At all tell him I visited him and I may visit him again at the following days ".and he thanked me.
The man said at loud "had a heavy blood"
After some days the phone rang and the man said to his boy "go and left the handler .if he was my friend gorge say to him my father out and he will return late"
The son did what his father orders.
The man said "what did you do?"
The boy answered "I did as you said!"
The father said "and what he said "oh !wastage ! .I wanted to stay to him and asked him what did he do about my son request?"
The father repeated at coarse sound "his son request . iam not servant ofd those ugly friends."
After another days the phone rang. the father ordered his son to answered at the phone if he was a friend tell him my father is out"
The boy said to the friend as his father order.
When he returned his father asked him what he did "the boy answered .the father said "what he did he tell you?"
The boy said "I would like to borrow from him some money and he told me to call him at that time, to see if it was possible. At all , I will phone him again!"
The father said "I am not the banker of money to spread my money at those friends"
The boy was going to his school and he was advanced boy .studied well ,did his work and got high remark
After while his father asked him after he  had seen his boy playing a lot and studying a little" what did you dfo at your school?"
The boy answered" good and I get high marks "
The father said "but you study a little than previous course !"
The boy said "as I study at my school"
After days the father saw his boy play at computer and didn't study he answered him that he study hard at previous time "
The following days he saw his son went for a trip.
He asked him about his study. the boy answered "very well "
After some days the father had a call from the school that his level of his son was descending. The father told his son about that.
The boy bowed his head .the father said:" why did you lie at me ?"
The boy said "as you lied at your friends .you could sit with your neighbour and told him about the weather hot and he must have another meeting and tell you friend you couldn't solve his son's proplem or answered his request as you couldn't and tell another friend you had no money "
Trhe fathe got his face recd and said "you are all right I will not do thet "
The boy ansered "I will study hard again"