They traveled to do the hajj with his nation in a big convoy.  There was a boy who wanted to d this duty on Muslims. He was still young, but under his insists and urge, his mother finally greed to let him travel .she advised him to tell the truth even it leads him to death and obey his God order. She took the deals to do it. The travel at ancient was so hard and not easy. he traveled and when he crossed the long dessert. They used camels, horses and donkeys to carry their things and ride them. The hall is duty only at Muslim who is adult, has a good health, and has enough money. They crossed the long dessert and at night, the great group of thieves appeared .they took all the convoy. The big boss thief talked to them while they stood in rows at here cave.
He said at loud and coarse sound" are you still having money?"
They were silent and the dragon of fear appeared and his heads covered the all cave. His smokes of imagine made the knees struck and the temper shocked.
The big boss "said "do you still have money?"
The big boss ordered his group to kill every person after they took every thing except the young and female who led them to approach to their homes.
This was a usual habit.
The boy suddenly said at the beyond "I have 400 dollars"
The thieves' men murmured at loud.
The boss stood and said "what? Come here boy!"
The boy walked with stability and said "Mr., I have 400 gold pounds"
The boss looked at his men and cursed them for their lazy and stupid.
"Boy, what did you say?" the boss said.
The boy said with firmly" I have 400 golden pounds"
The boss laughed at surprise ands aid" boy, why do you tell about that, you could stay silent and don't tell any one especially my stupid men telling me that they had taken all the money of the convoy?"
The boy said "because my mother ordered me to tell the truth even it leads to death!"
The boss laughed with astonish and said "what?, what is happened if you tell lies?"
The young man said "oh! first I will get my mother anger who leads to anger of my God , second ,my god will hate me and punish me and I will deserve to get into the hell ,third I loose my respect!"
The boss said" what , who is your God?"
The boy said "the god who creates you and all that wonderful global."
The boss said "what does your God order?"
 The boy said "he orders to love every one ,to tell the truth ,to obey our parents ,not hate any one ,not harm ,or hurt any one ,not saying or telling the truth, do who orders us by praying and fasting!"
The man said "what my reward if I do that?"
The boy said "first calm and peace, happy and funny with your self!"
"What " the boss said at loud "what?"
The boy said "yes sir happy funny, peace and calm and the heaven from god .you will get also a big satisfy of your God"
The big boss announced his Repentance and his men followed him. He traveled with the convoy to do hajj