The punish

The boy was punished always by his teacher and when his father asked the teacher .The teacher came and said" I do my job to make this people good."
The father couldn't speak until there was a question in mathematics. The boy could answer in easy way that made any moderate man admired that way, but this teacher had another opinion. He didn't courage this people and mocked at him. The boy bowed his head and walked alone.
The father knew that and made his son gone to another school.
The teacher knew that and tried to made this people fill of frustrate .he went after him to that school .the boy saw him entered at his classroom. He tried to hide his head. The teacher came and said" welcome with Einstein his time."
The boy smiled and said "welcome with Freud his age"
The teacher got angry by his speech and got him off. The boy entered the manger of school and said" Sir is not the solution of that mathematical question?"
The manager looked and said "yes .but why?"
The boy said "because the teacher said "it was not so easy as you solved. This is another solution and he got me off"
When the teacher was called the boy said "when I was in an old school, I solved the mathematical question in easy method and you mocked from me!
The teacher murmured for a while "
The boy was at attacker position , as the lawyer at a court who pleaded to return the rights to the oppressed ,as the giant who gets up after long ,long sleep "
The boy asked quickly as the attacker who wanted to get a goal.
"And this answer for that question .it isn't wrong!"
The teacher said "liar, you are liar!"
The boy said "for what?. The first question is or the second!"
The teacher said "stupid, stupid!"
The boy looked and said "dear sir, what can I do?"
The manager said "teacher" he ordered the boy to go to his classroom.
The manger said "teacher, you are educational man. You must be very kind with intelligent children. I swear with my only God I will make you a reminder for all teachers if you stay at this school. Go and write a transport report to move to your previous school"