The thief 5

The mission
The king said:" let us do a plane, and make a deal to be done. The thief said "my manner is so bad, so let me to have a bath, and I will return to you in a less time and I will not be late"
The king said: "take your bath. Change every cloth, eat enough food and had enough sleep. Then come when you want"
The thief returned with  his clothes
The king amazed and said:" "why do not you change your clothes?"
He said "I refused to change my clothes as they accompanied me with a long time"
The king said "did you know your mission?"
The thief said" no, I will do with my volition"
The king said "it is high Semitic and dangerous, but you will be the hero of our lands
The king ordered "You must get the bad magic that was done to my darling and you will get a good reward"
The thief accepted without asking. He thought the reward as he was learning ,That he had married with most intelligent and be the caliph of that loved king over that land"
The king said "when will you begin that?"
The thief said "now, at this moment"
The king said "Then, Go and may God bless you!"
He aid "I want to see your darling
The king said "why?"
The thief said "you had a decision. If I cured her I will marry her."
The king said" Marry! oh! Marry! And live with happy. Of course! It is so funny!"
The thief said "so, she is my fiancée! Dear majesty after your permission .I will go and say bye and look at her with my eyes with my heart that gives his soul satisfy
She will give me the force, to get over every strange at cures her and returns visage"
He entered her room in speed and looked at the servant with greeting smile at the princess and bowed to kiss the princess at her right hand and forehead and say "pray
 To the God to return your smile .Let me see you as you are my luck that is changed to be at the side of welfare and happy .You made the winds opens every flower .Its scents spread for a long ways, and give my heart the evidence and the guide to go straight without waste"
He said to her "goodbye as I will go to a travel that may be the end or begin of my life to be so good.
The princess smiled/
The servant laughed and said" "This the first time to see her brilliant smile"
He prayed to his God and bowed in worship
He said" give me the power to heal and cure that weaker"
He took off as the birds took off
He took off as the horses took off


The meeting
The thief ran as he could and he said "I must have a friend to help me to get over hard things that I will have met. He went to the thief boss' house .He found a muscle man standing in the front door .He tried to get in but that guard forbad him. He argued him to get in, but the guard insisted on preventing him to get in
He decided to enter .So he made big quarrel and bit him at his hand .Then he ran as he could .The man ran and he stopped as he didn't see him or look at. The thief was hiding before a rock and the man went around and saw him or discovered .But he was hit by a stroke over his head to get a shock and the thief got up that rock in a fast like a rat.
Then he threw himself upon his head. The man felt down to the land and the thief ran as he could. After that the man got up in fast and ran to catch him and stroke him very hard as he got a stroke. But the thief suddenly stopped in front of a muscle that ran .Then he felt down in sudden and he left his leg to make him hinder .So the man omitted on the earth and the thief got in the entrance .He ran fast and then stopped as the man sat in a front. The little light was shine .There above his head with fine
Scene and green plant pattern putting beside him to get a self quite.
The entire house had a shadow light. there was a little music sound .The man sat smoking a water pipe .The smokers ascended up making shapes frightened or fine that they had done. The man dreamt as he was a wake as he saw the strange entered in fast. He was shocked by him
He threw a pipe from a hand and stood, shouted and changed. His face features in a sharp.
He shouted "who could or think to enter my fort?"
The guard entered and caught the thief from his back collar .The thief tried to talk but the guard said in fast and loud "he hurt me a strong"
The boss man laughed loudly and coughed of that hearing and saying
"Come in a front of that light to have a look" the boss ordered the man .he saw him as a runt beside that huge guard. The man laughed very loud as he didn't believe what happened.
As the thief talked .He shouted "oh! My old friend" .Then they were both hugged
They talked a long talk
He argued to be attendant of that mission that is important .When the boss heard that 
is for only magic work, he hesitated and refused