The boy between danger

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Yes he was walking to home singing as previous days ,not paying attention what's happening there or here. He still walked and didn't look to the wild .her mother told him to walk straight and he would reach at home without late. But he heard a wild voice .the wild voice was loud. He stopped for a while and after that hew completed his walk. He heard another voice different than the first. He stopped and completed his walk and his song. The voice was louder as he walked. He still sang
"I am a little boy
I knew my way
My way not easy
It passes through a valley
The valley is green
Its plants is great
It has long trees
Their branches were embraced
As they were absent
Their shadows draw paint
With great high remark
Of good scene I see
Look everywhere
You will find peace there
Spreads its wings
Saying with voice in clear
Come and amuse with free
Free ,free ,free ,freeeeee
He still said that as he saw the two wild stood and laughed
One of them said "oooh! You are so weak . You can't suffer our hunger". The other said "oh! and he is so young .His mother will be sad!"
The first said "what do you suggest dear friend ?" talking to the other ."Eat him here or The boy was filled of fear. He might urinate at himself. After while he laughed and said in hard sound" oh . What is you wanting?"
The two wilds looked as stupid and astonished of that courage ask!. One murmured and said "dear majesty! I can explain our demand. we want to eat you "
The boy laughed loudly and said without fear "yes come at the top of that mount"
They said at both sound "why?"
 "Because we don't want any one showing us!" he completed
They said with surprise "yes!"
He sang and whistled .the crow with black tree appeared .he approached to his ears .the two tried to hurt him .He said let him ,he is my friend. They said "don't mock us !,otherwise he will be killed!"
He said "no"
The crow appeared and said "oh! Dearest friend .they will kill you!"
The boy said "hush! Can you help me?"
The crow looked at them and said "nonsense!"
The boy laughed and then said "that is !"
The crow said "who can face those wild .they are danger"
The boy said "so I am the boy between them!"
The crow said "you are like who writes a subject to a newspaper!" the boy looked sad as he discovered the problem and the bad situation he was at. He said "dearest friend, can you tell my mother that I love her very much. I love here than any one in that world. I love her and prayed to my God to  keep her with good health and has funny time"
The crow cried and said "my dearest friend !How can I help?"
The boy said "no! Do as I will tell!
The boy said with his tears "stay with my mother till the end "the crow cried .his trees was a needle tree

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