The orphan boy

He stood beside the wall .he couldn't smile .he lost his father this year .his mother was dead sadly to her husband death. The day was the feast. His face appeared in sad. He walked as an old man in spite his age was little age, but he faced that life with bad news .he saw the future black, and the coming must be worst.
His aunt told him to ply with his friends .he felt as the paralyzed one, or a sick person had all ills. He truly feared of life. He had an old and torn clothes, he had no game to attract his comrade. He felt with shame and down level of time. He stood alone in spite of playing of his friends and the noise they did. One tear is ascended in spite of trying his trying of avoiding it. He left his hand that it was shaking of sad. His fear appeared at all his members. The prophet saw him .he walked straight him . he said to him in his meaning" why are you staying alone and do not play with your friends?"
He tried to smile but how and the concern appeared as a giant .he said in low voice "dear prophet, my father was killed at a war and my mother dead also as she was sad to my father death. I have also no game to make my friends come and play. My cloth, I am sorry, but you are so lovely than my lost father "
He cried loudly .his tears were ascended a lot. His body shacked violently.
The prophet Mohammad embraced him and dried his tears.
The boy got calm
The prophet said "dear little boy ""in his meaning"
The boy said "yes"
The prophet said" do you want a father and a mother"
The boy said "but who, I am so poor and couldn't work to be useful to one who will make me as a son". The prophet said "don't agree the prophet to be your father and my wife to be your mother. "
The boy said but, dear prophet you are so busy "the prophet looked and waited .
The boy imagined if he has two wings could fly and touch the highest star .he said "yes"
The prophet took him to his home .he told his wife to deal him as their son .
He washed, wore a new cloth and had money and game
The boy sadness converted to happy