The thief 4

He said "that ugly face marries that smart, that stupid mind marries that intelligent and that negligible marries that important. That's no way that's false .The wise man does not believe that. But I can't bear one's demands to help and can't give up my hands.
I can't bear to see that smart suffering ill paralyze without end .She must be cured and returned her attract.
I will try to give her a hope and I will try to return that work that contains bad magic as you think"
He opened the door but for his luck, there was a guard that entered with speed said "the king has bad news for a thief who entered the princess's room and gave a bad sign for guards and their works. So the king was angry and had a bad look"
The thief wanted to run but he was caught with a strong hands and heard" What did you think?
"Stay her till I ask my boss"
The woman cried at him in strong "You must not go or I will forget every promise I had told"
The man said" No, I will not stand .The king is so sad and he said we are not intelligent to let a man go as he wants"
I will ask my boss"
She said "you must forget Our plan to marry and love. The lovely home we will be built.
You are the king and I am the queen .You will do every demand .I ask and I want you to let him go"
He said "my land or my love .My duty or my love .My land is in the front
He asked the boss, so the thief was arrested
He was in a court and the king was a present
The court
He was taken to the court. The judge sat, and his assistances presented, one on the right, and the other on the left
The judge said" what is your opinion about your accusation .You did three motions
First you broke the king's order of preventing the strangers to get in the princess's suite,
Second, you entered the princess' room without permission and stayed for hours and did as a guy that is the owner of the room, three you looked at the princess's face as she had weakness and illness .What does your explain?"
The judge continued "First, you must have a lawyer"
He asked "Have you any lawyer?"
The thief said with a fear "no, I have even no money to pay for him, or pay…."
The judge interrupted "any one wants to be his lawyer, come"
No one could answered as it is obvious danger case and no one wanted to appear
, he was the opponent of the king. All lawyers was afraid to answer
The judge was looking and passing his eyes to get the lawyer .He looked at a paper
and called for one there who stood to answer the question of accepting to be a lawyer
of that accused person
The judge looked at the thief said" how can you explain?
The thief said with trouble sound as one got his end nearly" I don't hear about this order
So I entered without knowing the princess forbidden order .It must be written in higher building in the center of all towns saying "No entrance to princess suite'"
The presidents laughed at aloud .They all looked funny
The judge said loudly" silent! There is not sound must be heard!"
The judge said to the accused "another thing, do you want to say!"

The thief said" the look to the princess it is not shame. Look my highness "he looked at the king "if you entered the garden and see smart and charm rose what is your sudden act? .The answer is look ,look till you fill your heart from that rose and if the princess is sick and has all beauty then I must be dead to be had this ugly face"
The presidents burst at high wave of laugh.
The judge knocked the table hard and said "quite, quite please1"
He continued pointing at the accused "any thing else"
The thief said "no!"
The lawyer was ordered to say his plead
He said "dear majesty "and bowed
"Mister President" he continued "This accused did not know that he entered the princess' room and he entered to steal a light and worthy thing, he lived as you know in bad manner as you show"
The crowds shout "kill the thief!. Not give him a proof to get from this court save"
The judge said "dear majesty!
The king prepared to stand and he said "mister president! .He entered with his heart
and his mind were present and he must be wondered why this site is ordered
.Must meet or look at one of the passers guards who are spread. I see he entered as he wanted to see my worthy daughter"
The crowd shouted and shouted
The judge looked and called at the substitute of the Prosecution .The man was thin and tall
The thief said "That a tall made his heart white and kind!"
Also he talked a short speech, but the thief understood no words except "he must be executed"
He screamed and cried.
The judge said "no words or you will get double punishment"
The thief laughed and said "That's mean two executes"
The thief laughed and cried.  All crowd laughed
The judge said" silent"
And continued" the judge after deliberation"
The silent was covered the court .The judge and his assistances were out
Then the presidents talked aloud. The thief was feared and he heard his heart pumped loud and thought all talked to cover that sound. He expected bad punished He thought that time passed as a young man light with his legs ran than a wind and his mind can read every sight.
The judge entered in a moment. It was noticed or stolen, so the thief laughed in silent.
He said "the judge is also a thief as he stole with light, he stole the time.
The judge said "The thief must be executed"
He felt down and did no sign

The execute
The sun began to rise. The calling for pray was risen, and the pray was begun. He also prayed to his God, he said" you give all things what they love and want you plant a huge tree from a negligible seed .You make the water descend to water the thirsty land and creatures. You make the river runs with welfare and fun .We can also be fed by it
We can sail through it. The seas and the oceans waves can destroy the world and give the sign of your power but you prevent them. The birds fly without any one cares, except your eyes care. They can even in the darkness can know their ways. The winds only carry them above clouds those over imagines or thoughts.
I know that you can save my weakness and poor slave .Save me from that punished and I do as you want .I will pray ,fast and pay the money to the poor with happy ,as I save and spread the funny to all human ,that's makes me lucky
Give me the life to happy every life, and make all alive. Live with satisfy and safe.
Suddenly he heard hurried steps. The door was opened. Then he was dragged as his feet couldn't bear to carry his body. He couldn't his favorite habit move or escape.
He was calling for forgiveness .he was calling his only God.
He entered room of death .The man said "what do you want before you faced a death?"                                                                                                                                                                                      
He said "I want to see the princess, and look at her face, and say a farewell words
They said "what, what?"
The demand made them puzzled .They said" no see, not that want. Do you want another?"
He said "No! That is only my dearest want!"
The religion man said" repeat, repeat. There is no God, except Allah is the only God
And bear the witness that Mohammad is the prophet of the God.
He saw them suddenly bowed as the king entered at the moment. He entered them to his suite to experience that accused
He was in seconds out of the death's room. He kneeled and kissed the king's hand with  great crying.