She was alone


She was alone 
Her mother had gone
She had a work
Her father was away
He worked abroad
He would return after years
He said to save a life in good
The time is hard
It smashed the poor at once
Her mother was worked
As the same cause
They don't pay attention
To this human one
She always said
She does not want money
She wanted a kind
She wanted to live as the child
She wanted to be a human
To be dealt as a girl
She red ,red a lot
She knew a mock
She read about a dog
Who was worked hard
He worked as a guard
When it became night
At day he guard ships
When they went to eat
He could hardly sleep
Now he did as a die
The death is so near
As the big ghost
He slept, slept
His owner got a vet
He examined a lot
He said after minutes
He had no sick
His sick is his self
His owner got annoyed
He took him out
And let him free
Why didn't she do
As he did
To get free?
It is a wide dream
She did as a die
She couldn't eat or drink
She found lately
The death is nearest
After she acted
She wanted it in complete
She couldn't drink
She couldn't even eat
Her father came at fast
After he had received
A small missed
What did the money get
If you lost your love
He ignored and came
The girl got smile
Her smile was weak
She saw her mother
For rare time
Gathered with his father
She smiled and said
"Now I can get up"
Her mother was in cry
Her tears ascended a lot
Her father has got
The same, same feel
She got up at difficult
She smiled at weak
She moved her hand
as she said 
And she went at last
They were sad
You have money
You have a wealth
But what you had got
After you lost 
Who you love?