The thief

The boy was told by his mother at loud to pay attention to the money. This called was repeated for days .it was heard by a thief who was walked nearest that house. He watched this boy. At the end he decided to steal that money to get fun and amused .so at the wide place, there is no person he could kidnap that boy and put him at derelict house. The spiders were there. There were also crows and bats. The voice of dogs when it barks is awful. The boys were completely feared. The thief tied the boy strongly and said "after he found that damned money .he would be killed"
 Un fortunately, there was no money! The thief was angry. He filled with anger. He said "what?. You deceived me .you must be killed .he caught the boy's hear as the toy and shocked it violently. The boy was injury roundabout. He said ith fear "there is no money!"
The thief said "no, you are liar.  I will get it sooner. Then boy swore that he told the truth. After sometimes the boy has an idea. He said "yes I have a money but you must untied ne and I will get it .'
The thief said "no mock" the boy said yes"
The thief untied him. The boy noticed there was a lot of crows and bats .he looked at the ceiling .there were completely covered it . he too; two stones and threw at them .the bats and crows flew .they filled the house they flew up and down ,her and there.
The thief fell down, hide his head between his two hands and the boy did .the thief said at anger" I will touch you a hard…."
The boy thought at speed and got up .he too; a big stone .he hurt the thief .he couldn't only return to house but also he told the police to catch this thief. The officer asked him where the money is."

The boy said" there is no money .but only the honest and the conscious"