The thief 25

The jinn got up first .he searched for his friend .he found the fish flow over the sea water without movement. It doesn't matter for him ,the important is his friend .where did he go?
He feared to call on him as if he did, the fish might get up and prevent him from searching .where did he go?

Oh! He must sink in the bottom of the sea. He dived very fast and searched at the bottom. His heart was filled with fear that he might not find him again .he swim horizontally at the bottom and searched at the bottom's mud. He tended to cry as he found no one. He tended to swim up and punish this awful fish. But he looked at his right, he found him lying on the bottom. He went to him in speed and carried him up, till he reached the top of the sea water and tried to find the nearest shore. But with his unfortunately he found the damned fish searched for them and she saw them. She took the attack position and with rapid she attacked them. He bowed in the water till she passed over his head. Her thorn scratched and hurt his head. He flew up till he reached the shore. Putting his friend on his abdomen and tried to press at his back to get out the drunken sea water. He heard a strange voice .he looked toward it ,he found the fish came in fast on the shore .he didn't believe himself. He dropped in confusion "what will he do?"
He must safe his friend. He let him and flew up. He found a mount of sand he carried a lot of it and spread it at her eyes .she lost her way and decreased her speed. He carried the thief and pressed his back by one hand putting another hand on his abdomen till the thief got out the water with coughing. They were still up and the thief said with weak voice "where am I?
Oh! I am still life. Why didn't you let me die?"
The jinn said "what? After all that effort saying let you till die. No! We will reach our aim and we will success. Now let us learn this stupid fish a big lesson. The fish returned to the sea very slowly .The jinn ordered the thief to catch him strongly by his back hair and the jinn caught the tail's fish and left it up. He let it down she covered with sand .he lift her again but she moved her tail speedy to hurt them but he could avoid it .she flew towards the sea.
He flew towards the cloud and pushed it on her back which make her lost her balance and dropped the shore again. He flew in speed and caught the two clouds with his longest arms and ordered his friend to put the two metals' rod on her back and he smashed two clouds strongly and run away .the lightening was very obvious making her screaming loudly and stopping in moving. After while she moved and flew towards the sea .he pushed another two clouds towards her and she downed to the sea. They faced again and he pushed another two big clouds towards her. She spoke saying "Enough, enough"