The thief 30

Facing the witch
The witch went with great scream kidnapped all hearts from their chests. Her assistances followed her making a sudden and strong waves, taking off the windows and the doors. The clothes may be torn or slipped. After a while she returned soon with sad face and residual tears at her eyes. She descended silently inverse of her act. She looked sad and silent. The queen said "dear friend…"
The witch interrupted loudly with crying voice "What did you say? I am not friend of any one . I am the enemy to all of you . What you want to see ? you want to  mock me . You want to rejoice in me. You want to ask me why do I am sad?"
She entered of waves of crying. And returned to say after collecting her power" Why did I cry and those tears cover my eyes?"
"I will respond to satisfy you ".She continued after crying. She sobbed and said" the jinn king promised me to cure my girl ,my only daughter" She wiped her tears and continued "he promised me to return her health .All her health to make her a full beauty, full bride and he will marry her to a great jinn in his position and rank. The celebration will be great and famous all over the world. But he didn't"
the attendant said "Why?"
she said "because she dead!"
The queen said "May God help you ,and forgive all her faults"
She said with great crying "What ? faults . she was as an angel , she always says to me "don't do bad works !" she always advises me to return to our nation " and I don't hear her advices . I wish I did . I wish I did"
She cried loudly again . The queen wiped her back to stop he crying. After stopping
the king said "what are else the rosy promise you had been promised"
she stopped of crying and said" Yes, he promised me to marry me and convert me to be one of them "
they said "what?"
the queen said "it is out of mind to be converted to another creature. Did you remember the crow who wanted to convert to the peacock. He shaved all his hair and went to the chef of peacock. The first question was asked that can you sing? He actually couldn't sing as his voice is ugly and he was out . He went to his nation they denied him and fired him"
The witch said "The dream was great, The rosy promise" .She screamed and said "      
"my daughter ,my only daughter. Who can return her? Who can return her soul. I swear I will give him what he wants. I will be his slave . I will be his lover ,but please "
She screamed "any one of you can return her . she died ,died " she vibrated strongly and fell unconscious.
They waked up her
Then she bowed with great crying.
The queen hanged her and moved her hand slightly over her back to stop and try to return her balance . She said" Why don't you ask me the rest of wish. He promised me to be a queen "
They said "of the two universes the jinn and the human."
She said loudly "Yes"
The queen said "the jinn king fears of his wife and can't divorced her"
The witch interrupted "but he builds for me a great palace in the west south of the earth "
The queen said "no it is the new palace for his wife "
The witch screamed angry and loudly as the one tended to the end of his life "nooooo! You are liar"
 The queen said "ask your jinn assistance"
She called him and he entered with his huge head .the two pushed him at his back .They tended to overlap the suite ,but she ordered loudly not to do.
She asked the jinn" Did the jinn king love me? Didn't he?"
The jinn moved his mouth without sound . She shouted him "say "yes or no" If you have a mercy shot .do it directly .I lost my only and favorite dream. I lost all dreams"
The jinn said "I will tell after I have the safe"
She shouted "yes  I will not hurt you .Tell me now!"
He said " The jinn king loved his wife very very much than any love of that world and he feared of her"
She screamed loudly "nooooo .all laughed at me all wants to take off me . I am only his lover . I am only his wish .nooo!"
She crying and saying " all the world mocked me ,noooo. I had done great faults , who will forgive me ,who will accept me "
She cried again . the queen said " your God"
 The witch said " What did you say " after wiping her eyes with her long sleeve. She took a handkerchief and wiped her nose.
The queen repeated " Your only God"
The witch said "without any requirements or demands !"
The queen said "without any requirements or demands except your faith . Your faith of him .you obey him .you pray to him . you ask him to forgive your bad faults and try to help what you hurt them by lifting their fair and decreasing the hurt"
She said "What ? Yes I believe in him .I will do all what you said and I will decrease all hurts and first I will wake this poor one and this beauty girl . God may save her .she is like my daughter"
She cried again and wiped her eyes and said" Wash ,masha, great or little .Old or young return the sleeper to wake up"
The thief got up and the princess .all the attendant thanked God and prayed to him .They thanked her very much. They didn't believe themselves. The happiness covered the palace. She said " how can I pray to him?"
The quenn said first say after me and she told her some words
The witch said "then"
The queen said "Then go and wash all your body from any fault you have done as you born new "
The witch said "yes ,but before that I must get ride my jailbird from a prison"
She got out but her big jinn assistance abstracted her and shouted" look if you left our habits our religion. That your business .But you want to destroy our kingdom laws that is forbidden!"
the witch said "who can forbid me ?"
he said "I can"