The thief 24

The trick
Afterwards the jinn left the thief and went to his business .the thief called" Sana, sana,sana". He waited silent without movement. His eyes were gazed at the sea waiting the whale coming. The sea was settle .the waves were moved as usual. He called again and again. There was strange thing appeared. He felt with disappointment
.So he decided to go .but suddenly a big wave of water was appeared and before it a strange and big fish appeared. He thought that she was a whale .So he waited to talk to her but she swallowed him at less than of eye closing. He was in her mouth, her Pharynx and her stomach which was tried to digested him in speed, but he caught with some of its cilia. He could catch the wood rods and tried to scratch them. But the movement of the stomach was so violence that made him not to control of his movement. He could finally scratch them with unbelievable that the jinn could know his place .but suddenly he heard a voice nearing him saying" how do you get in that amused place?"
When the thief saw him he cried loudly and said "oh! My dearest friend, I thought I was finished. Can you help me?"
The jinn said "it is difficult but I will try"
He got out two metal' rods and said to the thief "take this". He gave one of the rod .then he caught the other .he connected between them with wire and said "scratch her stomach hard. The both did the same thing but in wide places .the thief asked while resisting the severe movement of the stomach "why do we do that?"
The jinn said "all natural system in creatures depending on balance of magnetic and electric and we changed this balance trying to make her …"
But the suddenly the wild big fish opened her mouth and sneeze hard. So they got off. The wild fish saw them and recognized that they could escape . So she chassed them. The ordered the thief to catch his head's hair strongly. The jinn flew to the sky and unfortunately the big fish did as them. The jinn watching that and saying "no ,no how does she do this?".
The thief said "how can we escape?"
The jinn said "who helped us first, will help us again. But damned fish she flew fastest. Catch me strong and he flew higher .he said "there is a big cloud .we can disappear before her. .the fish crossed through the big cloud and stroke it with her tail making a big lightening and a great thundering. The jinn circled around himself trying to avoid the lightening action. The big fish still followed them. The jinn said "How did she do this big lightening?"
He continued "oh! She must strike this cloud with its tail and made one of two halves turning around itself and strikes with the other half. As one half has a polarity different from its end and when two different poles meet the lightening and the rains occur.
The fish descended down to the sea. The thief said "do you see this two small clouds?"
The jinn said "Yes!"
The thief said "can you move them toward this fish?"
The jinn said "no , they are so difficult in move and they are still"
The thief said "try"
The jinn moved two with his longest arms toward the fish. The thief said "give me the metals' rods and put me on her back."
The jinn said "but it is so harm and it is difficult to get you safe again"
The thief said "after you put me , I will put the two rods on her back and you come in speed and hit them over her back and take me before that smashing or I will be dead"
The jinn said" no"
The thief said "Please"
The jinn said"so. Cut one of my hair and give it to me, to tie one of this clouds as they are wide"
The cutting was so hard that was obvious on jinn's face. He did so in fast and could take the thief in speed that made a big lightening that burned the fish' back. They took off the two rods where they are so hot and do another act on her head that made great lightening and the fish was so hurt. She moved without natural move and hurt both of them
The three lost their consciousness