The thief 28

the palace reaching
The jinn said to his friend "I do not believe that .How can we dive so easy?. I don't believe my eyes"
The thief said "why does he swim so faster than the lightening. He must be away from our land and dived so deeper than our imagine. But I can't feel with my body .My lips and skin may be off my body. My hair flew like a birds .my clothes will be taken of or torn by those strong waves. Why does he swim at that fast speed? .can you tell him to less his speed?"
The jinn said "I feel that my body will be separated into parts. But the most happy the fishes even the strongest and the biggest fear of us as they can be smashed"
The friend said "look at those fishes they swim away from us and their eyes are  filled with tears and terrors."
The jinn said "yeah ,yeah, He dived so deepest. His speed is increased. But the waves are heavier than before. We must take care and catch him very firmly as if we let him we will be lost"
The thief said" his speed increased that I can't talk. I can't talk"
The whale dived so deepest and so fastest. They try to call him to decrease his speed But aftertime ,he decreased his speed ,and they saw groups of creatures their carrying things as weapons and they became nearer the jinn called at a whale saying "who are those?"
The whale said "they are the guards and the soldiers of that kingdom"
The thief said "that is mean we reach to the palace"
The jinn said lifting his sound "that's mean we are reach"
The whale said "no ,but it is still away "
The guards became nearest and they saw them .they were brides sea.
The jinn said "oh! Dear friend look at these brides they are so so soooo smart .The beauty here as the water .No, no , I can't believe what I see .look they are not beautiful, but they are the most beautiful and they work as guards carrying weapons .Do you believe those?. No , no they must carrying no weapons .it is sufficient only sufficient looking to the thief or guilty ,he will surrender at once. Weapons they are all life weapons pumps ,tanks plane and rockets. I am so jealous from you man kind. You have as these smart and we have none. Why have you these and we haven't ?
The thief said "but they aren't human .They are sea brides and you must have smart more than any creatures "
The jinn said "but you the original ,the natural ,the fresh ,the flesh with natural and we are the photo ,the imitate."
The thief said "be  minded and patient."
The jinn said "patient. Who? Am I?"
He continued "look at them if I married one of them I will be as the king of the earth. They are so wealth. One  of them like an angel .look ,looook at this blond she is as a star that appears at dark night to lead the looser to his right way ,this white one is as the sun which comes with calm and satisfy ,this back like as the chocolate that is more tasted more loved. No , no I will stay I must be fried to one of these and marry her. This longest her is as…."
The thief pecked him several times at him but he continued" every piaster I will put under her feet .if I marry one ,I will be richest on that earth. She is wealth .she worth all that king and …."
He suddenly looked to his friend and he found the king trying listening to him. He felt with shame and said "dear ,majesty, dear I am so sorry .I am sorry. I apologize. Didn't know .."the king said " not mind that's all right" And the king looked at the thief and said "oh ! oh !my god .you are ….no you are as , like .You are the imprisoned. But you are human  and our prince . he clapped his hands and said" guards tae them to the princess' suite."
They were there and the queen entered . When she looked she said" oh my God you get free .We must celebrate. The princess will be cured when she saw you" The princess tried to be waked up but the big lightening was thee and the big scream was heard and the dark covered every inch and the biggest head entered the door it filled the livelong door .He was pushed by two stunts jinn and said in anger "who made this loud voice" what is that noise .? What has happened?"
 He looked at the thief' face and said "Oh my god I must tell the witch "
He tried to be out ,but he was pushed by the two stunts .aftertime he was returned and a woman entered and looked at the thief and said "how do you get free? .you must be punished .sleep ,sleep . he will die after week."
The thief slept at once. The jinn cried "My friend , my friend "
The king dab the jinn's arm and said "be patient . come! I will till you up "
The attendance were out. The jinn was up