The thief29

The explanation
When the big jinn entered the princess' suite. He was pushed at his back by two stunts of jinn that makes the suite overturned. He stroked the both of jinn's stunts at their faces to make it up righted. The first said "that you are very heavy my lord !"
The huge jinn looked at him and said "what ? Am I huge ?"and stroked him.
He faced another and said "Am I huge ?
The other stunt said "No, but your head is so huge "
The huge jinn said "what my big head is so terrible "
He looked at him and stoked him saying "my head is so big
I am so light
That can by right
Flying out of sight
I can be so small
Than a smallest ant
I can be big
Than any fig
Imagine what do you see?
Look ,think and see
Am I so free?
The first stunt said" Yes ,my master .you are so catty as a model . a fashion model.
 The huge jinn said " what am I as a female .I am knight, warrior .Stupid jinn .you deserve to be from human world not jinn at all. Now can be silent"
The queen asked him in angry voice "Why are you here?".
The jinn answered "this is a strange question that I must not answer. But as you are an old and direful woman and we do not be ordered to hurt you I will answer. I heard a big struggle her and I was order to see what is on?. So I come and it is clear there is a new guest who is our old Jailbird and it is true our sense true"
The queen said "so you will go ant tell your Madame" The best witch"."
The jinn said "of course"
He vanished with his two stunts after seconds there was a noise and big light and the witch was in . The king came running and said" why are you here?"
The witch said "to get averment that our prisoner get free .you are so clever and you will get your punishment as you wish .sleep ,sleep  again"
Te queen "screamed ,no ,no  please let him .he is not the prince .look at him .he is not male bride sea .he is human."
The witch approached and see "oh !bad wok I had done ,done . I must be punished. But I must ask him "why are you here?. He didn't answer .So he will die after week"
The queen cried and said "please, please .he didn't deserve .be good for one time . are you have no mercy at your heart .your heart must be a stone. Or you mustn't have no heart!"
The witch said "you must thanks what you see "GGGod!" as I was not ready to hurt you now"
The king said "Madame. Can we deal an agreement?"
She said "what ? .say !"
He said "you will be the queen of that kingdom and you let my prices and prince and that man free and return their health"
She said "oooh! Poor king .your damned kingdom will be to me after some months ,no some day and I will be .what will I be the big guard?  
They heard a huge and fearing voice said" The queen of universe !"
The king said "what ?! What did you say ? The queen of whaaat? You aren't beautiful. You are so… "
 She interrupted him and said "So ugly. Not queen of beauty, but the actual queen .what will I be married?"
The huge sound said "the red jinn king"
The king said "at this occasion you may have a prize for your people and give those poor sick their health!"
She said "what? My people .not my people " ,and she asked "Who will they be? "
They heard the voice said "your slaves?"
The all said "what ? Your salve !"
She laughed a higher laugh made the walls vibrated and the furniture left and shocked hard and said "by ,by my bad slaves!"
She vanished .the queen and the king embraced each other with continuous crying .The jinn stroked him lightly at his shoulder and said "quite ,my lord ,quite"
The big female servant embraced the queen and tried to get her calm.
The king and the jinn were out in the dinning suite to feed the visitor and he said "dear majesty!. Can you ask you questions?"
"Of course!" the king answered. He continued "before you asking ,I will tell you some answered "you will ask about our astonishment when we see your friend !"
The jinn said "yes !My lord"
The king said "we were living happy in our kingdom and the two children the princess ,my daughter and the prince my nephew grew with each other .They loved each other and all world knew that the princess will marry the prince .till that ugly witch appeared as a poor woman .she asked for food and home. I brought her to my palace and feed her and let her live. She had  good ideas those made the life in my kingdom so better. But a strange appeared .she said "that is my brother and he wanted to marry my daughter, the princess. We all refused . so she appeared as worst witch as his brother was dead and she thought he was killed by us she decided to punish us .She made the princess to sleep and imprisoned my prince. The prince looks like your friend at his shape , So when the queen and servants saw him they lost their all their mind and be unconscious. She was promised to marry the red jinn king. But her daughter got sick and the red jinn promised to cure her if she finished or get that kingdom."
The jinn asked "but why didn't she do ?"
The queen said" She didn't do as she went the magic diamond which converted the creature to other creature "
The jinn interrupted" do you have this diamond . If you so ,please convert me to be as you"
The king said" No, of course. But we deceive her to get more time to live and to pray to our god to get ride of her"
The jinn said " So she will kill my friend!"
The king "let us pray to God not to do"
The jinn said "oh bad luck!"
The witch came again and said" This is the day before the punishment .what is your wish ?"
The jinn said "his wish you must get him up for a day to eat and drink and see the strange world that is under sea"
The witch said "that is good ,good .i will do "
The jinn said "do you believe you will be the universal queen"
She said "without doubt !"
He said "but he loved his wife and he will not let her."
She screamed "I knew ,but he promised ,he will cure my daughter and marry me !"
He said "But how and he loved his wife and feared from her and he can't cure an animal. Can he cure yours ?"
The wich looked strange and vanished the hear highest voice saying "my daughteeeeer!"