The thief 34

the jinn king
the  queen screamed and yield loudly. She told them they get punished if she faced her again .Her husband will deal with them as salves
They flew directly to the jinn king's palace. They met the guards who asked them "why do you want to meet the king?"
They  answered "as we have a present?"
The guards asked again "what is the present?"
The thief said "it is not one ,but two"
The guard said "can we see them?"
The jinn friend said "Of course not as you will see them ,they will not a present"
The guard said "can I say their boundaries." The friend jinn carried the two small to the guards . He tried to escape ,but the thief obstructed his legs made him fell down.
They heard a loud and thick voice said "let them in!"
They entered looking at the biggest and higher ceilings. They watched the pearls and jewelries , these covered the walls and the ceiling.
They looked everywhere back, front right and left. They walked frontally, or by their back till they heard a  thick and loud voice said "Then you had arrested my brave prime minister and my lovely queen"
They looked they found a huge red throne and a huge red jinn sat on it
The thief said to his friend with whispering sound "how did he know?"      
He shouted "No one talks without my permission and no talk aside !"
The thief said "Forgive my fault. But can I speak?"
The king said "you are my closely guests say what you want!"
The thief was hesitated to hear that "one can not talk without a talk permission and one can take his rest"
The jinn king said "So, you want know how could I knew?"
"look" he ordered them "look at this screen. The huge screen was hanged over the ceiling. they saw all the fights happened under the ocean .The jinn king said "all in the palace saw it and knew you. So they wanted to punish you and gained the queen and the minister free. So I order you to let them and I promise you to approach you to your home safe without any hurt from any creature."
The thief said "But we wants a demand .A simple dem…."
The king interrupted angry" did you know who do speech with ?. I am the world king "
The thief said " The future world king"
The king said loudly and angrily" Noooooo. I am the only world king .my God promised me !"
The thief said "dear majesty, who is you God?"
The jinn king astonished and said "Devil, naturally!"
The thief said "But we worship the God "Allah""
The jinn king said "that is the weakest God and he did and does some awful things and .."
The thief interrupted him and said" The god is doing best and fare while your devil is responsible for every bad or fault thing"
The jinn king said loudly "No one can interrupt me .Do you know both of them you repeat this bad act  I will let the smallest walkers eat you slowly. Now our matter is to get my queen and minister free"
The man said " with gaining the ring"
The jinn king said "what is the ring?"
The friend jinn said "the Solomon ring !"
The king said with higher laugh that vibrated the palace" Do you want actually the Solomon's ring "
The both of them said "of course "
He said  "Otherwise "
The thief said "Otherwise you will not see the queen and the minister"
The jinn king laughed again and said" Did you know I astonished by your stoutness.
But there is the end . Let them free for your safe . Let them free before I got angry"
The jinn friend said "dear majesty "can we deal an agreement "
The king said "with whom with you !!!. Awful suggest .Give them to me at once or look my boys ,look this moderate air I could make it fire look. he converted the air to fire .Its color got red ,or look these wide clouds I can make them approached and crashed your head making a great pain and you gained end .look ,my boys your brain will be so bigger expand, expand till they become as  a big balloon and then burst out
Or the reverse blood returned to your heart causing a heart failure
Look I can make your brain so thin and small and you return your childhood  and the children deal you as undeveloped person"

He looked at them straightly and concentrated at the two boxes .they flew to him and the friend jinn tried to stopped but he failed
The three faced" The jinn king and the jinn queen and their minister " faced them  The king laughed and said "it is not suitable to deal me with great satisfy . now you will get your reward"
He looked again but the friend jinn took his friend and flew
He flew towards the window ,but the king jinn pointed at them an dragged them by his hands' movements and crashed them to the palace land .they were two hurt and got a strong pan. He ordered them to stand and face them again . the jinn bowed with coughing . The jinn king said "Now ,get your deserve "
He pointed at them . They were in the digging hole in the land. It was made by him and they didn't could  get out"
He laughed and approached to them and made a big laugh"
They were out by his look and flew and were smashed by the ceiling. They fell tired and didn't move. The king jinn said " why do you dare me?"
The thief said "As we have a right . a fair right ."
The king jinn said "did you mean  I have unfair"
The king jinn said " I will see your rewards  "
He lifted them and made a small air atoms as a wild animals .they attacked them. They fell to earth. . the king jinn laughed and said "no ,no  we will make a deal make my team and your team. We will attack each other. And the winner will gain a reward . the looser will die."
The king jinn said" my team is actually,  my brave prime minister, the lovely queen and I "
Then he asked "who are your team ?"