The thief 39

The king meeting
They went to the king palace after the ugly jinn and the old man let them after embracing and went away. The king ate his breakfast. The man was put at the eating table.
The king stopped with that suddenly appeared of the thief and said "who are you ? How can you
Be in?"
He looked and said "Ooooooh!. That bad thief .why do you return ?You want me to cut your head . your head must hurt you so you must be gotten your cure by taking it off"
He said "no .I want to see the princess"
The king said "how you dare to say that and see her .You must die "
But the jinn left him to the princess' suite and put him in
The old woman said with great shock "بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم"
Its mean " In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.
He said "forgive me "
He got out the bad magic work and burned it . the princess suddenly stood and laughed ,cried smiled, danced ,lied ,stood ,stopped ,danced, looked forwards ,right ,left and cried
The old woman cried and said "my dearest daughter ,my dearest daughter"
she laughed then cried
The king was closing with his soldiers ordering" when you see him kill him .he must hurt my lovely and only daughter. He must kill her. If she had hurt, I would punish all of you "
He ran and opened the door finding her daughter moving towards him and embracing him .He laughed and cried .he fell unconscious.
When he got up the celebrations were at everywhere at the kingdom.
At the night when they had a celebrate dinner .the thief said at the king ear "would you do your promise? !"
The king said "what a promise ?
He said "you said "you will give the curing man of your daughter half of you wealth and you marry him to her"
He said "of course "
"but what is your name ?the king asked
The thief said "sheriff "
Te king said "means in Arabic the honest"
"You must  change your job or your name" the king continued
The all laughed 
He ordered to kill the thief ,but at the morning the thief was flying up moving the order paper to the king . he looked at the rosy princes face and saying to the jinn "looking at her .Does not she say she love me"
She actually sent the kiss to him into the air. He noticed that she winked at him with his beautiful wide eye .
He screamed "I love you my dearest princess"

                                                           The end