The thief 35

The facing the queen jinn "c"
The queen jinn entered the palace and said " what is going on? Where is our big minister ? I can find him and find his kidnapper. She looked angry and said "Who eager to face our kingdom . say ,tell me ? if he has not enough power to tell me he is sorry and let our minister out ,I will hurt him ."
The thief said to the jinn" I will tell her to get the key "
The jinn's friend said "no all jinn are liars"
The queen said "master and madams if you don't tell me where is my faithful minister ,I will convert this beautiful palace to ash in moment "
The thief said "I am "
The jinn' queen said "sweet ,sweet boy .you must made by whipped and honey. So you deserve to get a reward "
Do you believe you can run and escape by your ugly doing? Noooo,"
She screamed loudly making every inch in the bodies vibrated loudly. Then she said "get him out , appear him and you will get what you want ,honey"
He said "No ,before I get what I want!"
She said "do you eager to stand against me ? do you eager to challenge me?"
You will get your deserve and you will get out my minister safely"
If you want that water droplets
Convert to be needles
It will be
It will touch your weaken body
And get out your honey
Your blood ,sorry
If you want that water droplets
Convert to be fire
It will be
And burn your weaken body
And fired all body
That is easy way
 If you want that water droplets
Convert to be wild
Have teeth and mouths
Eating your weaken body
It will be
That is easy way
If you want that water droplets
Convert to be guns
Fired dangerous shots
Hurt your weaken body
It will be
That easy way"
Or my honey I will die you in a simple way ,you will be hanged by your legs at …, "
But the jinn could disappear and tied her long hair by two big columns of the palace building . Then  the jinn carried his friend away. She completed her words saying" and every one at that damned kingdom hurt you at your back ,you will be unconscious"
She looked at them escaped ordered her guards, assistances and ministers to catch them .
They followed them .
The thief asked his friend where are we going?"
The jinn said "I don't know ,but I search for escape . God may help us "
They still swam and the others jinn followed them .The jinn's queen tried to follow them but she found her hair were tied by these strong and established firmly columns .she screamed loudly "Noooooo" making every creatures in the ocean run away. She could take off these columns by her hair and tried to get out from the suite but one of columns stood widely that made her not to pass . She screamed for help. Some of her guards returned  to help her . She shouted at them "not cut my beauty hair . my husband admired it .If you do ,I will make all of you fish eat"
They change the rod position and could not untie her hair as she was hurry.
He swam with his friend on his back till they saw a shadow of ship. He swam in hurry as he knew and his friend if they still swam in the wide ocean they might be caught as the others jinn were faster and much more than them.
They could disappear in that ship and have a rest and take their breath. The guards  were on. The jinn's thief friend looked out through the small open . He could see the jinn queen approach .bad for her bad luck she approached to the ship's motor wheel .he could swim and tied the her hair to the wheel that made her cycled in hurry. He could convert some water to fire and burned her from her back .
She forget herself . She cried and asked to help . the jinn said "I will burn you at your
Back so easy"
He breathed at her back with hot breath making hr scream. He made a fire rod and faced her .he saw her assistances ,soldiers approached and surrounded them ,he said to them "if you want your queen a live .Be away"
They are away. He ordered them to go away . he said "my dearest lady "after they were away "if you want be away could you be in that small box .He yelled oh you will die . he said "will you be in before you will die"
She got in the small box ,he closed it firmly .the guards try to approach but he said "if you want to loose your queen come to me .if you want her a live let  me and my friend go and don't follow us.
They swam away after they had wake up the sleeping sea bride .
They went to the jinn's king after they have two small medal boxes one for the jinn's minister and the jinn queen