The thief 31

The facing of the jinn
Her assistance jinn said "I can forbid you. I can prevent you"
She said "Then do what you can . the act not by talking but by doing"
He focused her eyes and got great red rays from it that rode her to sink in the deep ocean and then made a great hole in that deep and put her head for minutes in it . she had no breath .she sighed violently then got her out .She did a sigh and took a great breath as she had no air there. He laughed and said "do you face me ? Do challenge me ?Then see that and tell your nation if you will live about it" .
He swirled her higher ,higher that her head was scratched by a cloud and let it fell down. He laughed loudly making the waves and the palace shocked violently . she was at waves crying . he said look at my muscles .He left all the palace that make all presents sighed and screamed loudly asking God to help them. Then he let them down .he left the palace again and overlapped it . the chef of the guards ordered them to deal with that enemy .They shot the arrows and the spears at him .They didn't even reach at him .He laughed again that makes the waves vibrated and left higher to the sky. He looked at her and focused his sight at ,that make her swam wide in great circle as he still looked at. He laughed loudly .he said "those are who you saved. look at them .I will make them peaces. He ordered the two stunts to catch them one by one .
The queen screamed "noooo!, please be mercy, please look at them .they are so sick. Can you let them to have their health?"
He laughed again that the windows of the palace that under water was crashed. The stunts came nearer to him asking "who is the first, dear sir?"
He said with small laugh" Ask them! or I say ,say that guy and let the princess to have a time to commit  them.
The king said "dear …."
The jinn interrupted him and said "dear what ?"t Then he laughed a little law that made the fishes vibrated a little.
He continued "dear what ? sir , friend , majesty "
He shouted at his stunts to bring him immediately.
The stunts hurried and caught him strongly and got him out while the thief tried to resist them but he was weak  . they caught him facing the jinn. He focused the rays at him .but the thief' jinn said " That is a day
                                              Which appears the guy
                                              Who appears truly
                                               The talking about love
                                              Faith and certainly
                                              From his heart
                                             And who talked great
                                             Word and promised a lot
                                             When the time is hard
                                             When the enemy has no heart
                                             The true friend appeared
                                             And try to give a hand
                                             even he got a dead "
then he moved suddenly towards the two stunts and caught them directly at the jinn rays that shot them and burned them. The witch said" That my turn"
she said "sasha ,masha.  white or black .Light or dark. Kill that one .he pointed at him. He was burned .the graet fire got out of him that light under the ocean and his light reached to sky. He screamed loudly and dive at the bottom trying to fire out that burn but the ocean water boiled and the heat lift the temperature that made the palace heated much and some decoration failed at the earth .
the decay of his body makes the great jinn comes in directly came in speed.
He asked "who kill our jinn? Who eager to face me .I am the queen assistance and the prime minister of the red jinn kingdom and the minister of the world future king of the world??"