The thief 36

The jinn king "b"
"Now we can faced each other as two opposite teams and who wins , kills the other" The jinn king said
The thief said "But it is unfair .Your team is three and my team is two"
The jinn king said " I am a fair king so I will give you one of my honest soldier. To be with you"
The thief said "Honest to whom to me or to you"
The jinn king said "He is honest to me but he can be a good member for your team and gains the victory"
The thief said "The beat . He will give us the beat"
The king jinn said "Awful man ." He yelled and said " Haven't I told you not to object me .You deserve to be punished"
The thief said "Forgive me dear majesty!"
The jinn king said "See my man ,we "the fair kings" put the laws and the people obey them"
The thief said "May ask you a question! "
The king jinn said "Of course!"
The thief said "If we are beaten . Did you end the life of your soldier who is with me"
The jinn king said " whooo? Of cooourse!"
The thief said "See ,you are not finding a suitable answer"
The jinn king said " If you try to feel me with infirmity .I will punish you as you deserve"
He looked at them with his strongest eyes and got a harmful rays made the jinn took the thief and flew right to avoid them. The jinn queen flew at the other sight and spread her hair and struck them strongly making them fell down with tired . The jinn prime minister came with all his power and left them high, but the jinn found his armpits filled with hair he tensioned one of it making him scream and tried to fell them violently. He screamed "No" He flew out .
The jinn queen and the jinn king followed him saying at the same voice "what do you do?"
He said they hurt me one tensioned my hair in my arm bit and other hurt me in my ear"
The jinn queen said "don't be fair. Say me them."
He said "there " and tried to point at them. The friend's jinn was calling at the ugly jinn that the thief met him at the shore and converted him to love the life and see the life with a happy look. The jinn knew his story from his friend "the thief"
The calling was by air waves as magnetic or waves used only by creatures as jinn.
The ugly came and saw the jinn queen and the jinn king followed the jinn minister and tried to catch his hair ,air or arm. But they can't as he flew away in speed and hurry. The ugly jinn came and saw the chasing. He opened his eyes unbelievable "what's going on?". He asked himself.
He gazed and noticed that the red king was there. So, he decided to fly around to discover what's on!. He approached and saw the red king with his huge body catching the other king . He saw his queen "ugly female jinn" trying to hand something an the jinn's ear. The king caught the other jinn and threw him away .The queen still searched with her hand and fingers in the jinn's air then he found she caught a guy and tried to threw him but he saw a thrown jinn flew up suddenly and moved towards the jinn king and he mocked him flying away and moved towards them
Queen and with acrobatic method he got the guy.
The ugly jinn said to himself " Oh! He knew that guy" he approached and he found him his last friend .he embraced him and cried . They were forgetting the surrounding enemies. The queen  got nearest and tried to hurt the ugly jinn and the thief .but the friend's jinn hurried and left them up from her caught. She screamed with anger and followed them . The ugly jinn wiped his eyes and said "why they did so?"
The thief said "Because they help the witch to get the princess paralyzed."
He continued "they went her to be at that matter till the last"
The ugly jinn screamed " no "and said to them " do you have a plane ?"
They answered "What?!"
He said "A plane to overlap ,beat them and mock them!"
They said "no!"
The jinn king got nearest and tried to catch the friend jinn. He ran away with the thief . He focused his rays towards them and they flew and fell down to the earth.
The jinn king and the ugly king followed them .The jinn king caught them and flew up higher ,higher and tried to threw them down with his complete power. The ugly jinn got down them and hardly carried them by his arms and they fell down and stuck the earth with much  more light than without that faith jinn. The three fell unconscious. Then they saw themselves flew up .the ugly jinn could see the ear of the jinn .He caught it and bit it harmfully. The carrying jinn who is the minister screamed loudly and tried to get ride them .So they were in the air .they caught each other, but the jinn king tried to attack at their back which made the  ugly jinn said "pay your attention"
They faced him
The ugly jinn said " worst and unfair jinn. Didn't I say if I saw you I will revenge you.
The jinn king laughed and said "the broken stone feared the complete stone . Isn't a joke?!"
The queen approached and said " look .What  matter with you we want those two .Both of them .Be away for your safe, you sons and daughter. Your lovely wife"
He cried "my daughter your husband kidnapped her and take her as a slave in his palace"
The news shocked the queen and said to the jinn king "is that true?"
He didn't answer . after while he said "but she was dead"
The queen jinnsaid " after our marry or before?"
The jinn king said "It doesn't important , but they are nothing."
The ugly jinn said "Wwwwworst king . I will punish you "
The minister jinn came and said "no , you can't and you are arrested"
The ugly jinn  "Who arrest me ?"
Then he continued "you ".
He looked to the thief and said "I will help you to help that sick person"