The thief38

The witch
They went to the witch home after they were stopping and converted the huge snake into a solid statue . the great bear appeared to tem the jinn made him flew into the air away .they knocked her door .They found a greet rabbit and mice's armies with sharpener teeth . the thief read the throne verse .
They were all vanished
They knocked her door but there is no answered . the thief rubbed the Solomon's king making the door opened
She saw them .she flew in the palace air .the jinn chase her but she threw him to earth . the old man said "let her to me "but he lied crippling. The thief read the throne verse 
that making her screaming and fell with no movement
He asked her for a bad magic work that was making to harm the princess. The witch cried "noooo " loudly . he said I will prayed to the God to make you ash."
She said "who save me form my lord ? The devil is my God "
The thief said "ALLAH Our God"
She said "no "
The thief ordered her to give them the bad work . she said "it is in abdomen of the whale in the deepest…."
The thief said "noo, get it her at fast "
She read a magic words and got the whale .she ordered him to get out the bad work .between her tears .she cried and gave it . they were going to the palace .
There was a strange appeared to her .she great and astonished with loud voice "my dearest God ."he said "yes "
She said "I knew I had failed ,but will find another one to seduce in her word and religion"
He said "no"
She said "then I will live till my last day to worship you my majesty"
He said "no you must finish "
She said with great crying "Noooo"
He said "no". He looked at her she became very ugly old then pale ten she screamed and became bones ,then ash.
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