The thief 13

The negotiation
The thief said" if you get a reward .A prize for saving that smart princess. First ,what is that? .Second, what is my portion of that reward?"
The thief said: "Say what you want?"
He said:"two piles of gold"
The thief said "not two, but three piles of gold"
He said" I said that to get you impede but how do you get that gold?"
The thief said "I will marry the most intelligent ,charm and smart girl in the world"
 He said "who will marry you, stupid? .Oh! king's Daughter ! Great fault .If you told the mad one, he would laugh at your talk"
The thief continued" and  I will be the caliph of the king!"
He said "what is the great mock? Who did deceive you my dear?"
The thief said" if I told you that .Is true, not false or wrong .you must help me as you man and you must help her ."
He said" then if it is faith .I must have ten piles .Those are only for our friendship"
The thief said "is not that very expensive!. Let them only five"
He said "no! That is only my wish to get the money and be rich and to enter the parliament and become noble and get life and live with  a high rank and is considered as the masters with intelligent. If they do bad or wrong .I will Do as them, eat like them"
The thief said" that is your insist .Make them eight piles .Is that more than you think?"
He said "but I will do as your think .Then when must we go?"
The thief said "as you wish and want"
He said "now without late!"
The boss prepared for eat and they prepared their tools. They began long walk as they  had a small chart.
That the king gave it to him to know his road
They do first step to have the smart cured. The mountain is not east or west as it was between four mounts. They surround it by all sides and it got dark since the witch began her work.
She did badly in every walk. So, the mount hate her work .
They must pass first by a valley between big mounts those are filled with harm snakes and wild and attack.
The boss said" we must go around discovering our way and road"
They passed and passed day and night, creep or walk.
They disappeared from a look .The wild snakes were spread
They had a big fire to walk and pass in without attack
They go directly to the mount that was dark and showed no signs for walk
They walked slowly without a sound that might make the mind and eye searched for them and they looked when they became near it
They crawled, not walked. They became in front .The world became silent
The sun shined and contrasted .They ascended and got up .They suddenly found a huge giant
He carried them in one hand
When he faced them, he laughed
They might be naked
By the storm of his laugh  

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