The thief 23

The three phenomenons "c"
He lifted his head. There was a loud sound talking higher causing waves. He remembered the wise tales "Talk to that in the strongest sound as he does in higher sound ,As you bear as you could"
The thief asked" how could I know him and get over him?"
The wise said "by screaming at him"
The strange appeared with his voice higher as a thunder. The land was vibrated by his and the sea was completely fizzed. His voice was as a highest that might cause deaf
They stood face to face. They stood against each other. His face was so numerous
His face color was red and his eyes were split vertically. His eyeballs were also big that he could see himself twice bigger than his original size. He couldn't recognize if he saw himself so big by the balls size or their polarity. They were also red. He was taller taller than him
So the strange was on his knees and he still taller than him. So, He sat down and they almost became at the same level. Trying to compress his trunk and his scene was very awful. His sound was very powerful. He wanted to fear the thief as in fact it was completely fear. He wanted to plant the fear into him and chased him.
He screamed with loud sound. The winds of his voice made the clothes flew.
The thief filled with horror. He wished to be vanished. He heard a low sound "Be patient and do as him".
He screamed with loud voice at him. But he was like as dwarf against him that made the strange laughed. He screamed louder than the last one. The thief thought he might fly
He thought that land elevated high, high that he could touch the clouds. He thought that was over the swinger that flew down and high. He collected his power. The screamer screamed loud. The thief stayed at the moment. He remembered the advice that was mentioned by the wise" Scream loud as you could .Who sustain to the end, will win the end round"
SO, he screamed also loud. The strange screamed higher. The waters of sea were flew and the fish could be noticed. The thief screamed louder and the strange screamed higher. So, the mounts tended to flew. He saw them tended to fell to their sides. The jinn thought in his mind that his friend will be a looser. So when the thief screamed, he flew quickly to the mount and lifted a big rock Higher and dropped it with his full power. It made the earth vibrated as the earthquake did and much water got out from the sea to the earth. The fish was moving on the land.

The strange thought it is in faith by the make of that thief. So he got great fear, but he tried not to be feared. He screamed very high that made the rocks filled heavily. The sea evicted all its creatures.
The jinn signed from far to scream louder and higher.
The thief collected his power and screamed with full power. The jinn dived into the sea
He carried the big rock from the bottom of the sea, and he flew so high In the back of that strange then he dropped it with his power. The sound of crashing was so highest that may causing one to be deaf at once. So they tried to cover their ears, and the fishes flew into the sky as birds but without wings. The waters got higher. It covered all spans of the earth. They thought that it was the end. It Became nearest than any time passed. So the strange ran as he could to be safe and save his soul. The thief couldn't run as he thought the death came spreading its wings that cover the sky. He still fell without movements. He closed his eyes .he mentioned his God and his prophet as it was the end indeed.
The silent was complete there. Then the waves of sea could be heard lowest, lower then low. Then a sound calling on him "Dearest ,dearest. Get up"
He got up with thinking that he dead and that was the last day. But he saw the earth and the sea. He touched every span of his body and he saw the jinn in his face. He stood silent.
Then they were embraced. They met in laughter and they checked in warmest.