The thief20

اضغط هنا لتكبير الصوره
The sea shore
The thief said" then tell me road to reach to the jinn king .Tell me the easy method to be in the witch's home .I will be very grateful .I will remind your favor for ever with great thankful."
The wise said" oh! There is one method to get your want by reaching to his love"
The thief said "Oh! The king of jinn has a love"
The wise said" yes it is his wife"
The thief said" She must be very kind and her heart is white"
The wise said "what! She is not! at all ways not! Her heart is very hard .Her bad works is the worst than hr husband"
The thief said "then! Why you tell me about her and send me to that Bad one and has a heart Harder that the stone heart. Do you think that I am good Or I have a persuade word
That I convert the hard to soft? That's great fault"
 The wise said" no, no, no but in fact. If she knows you get to reach her husband
She will make your life sad and separate your body into parts"
The thief swallowed his spittle. He said" then what is the way to her?"
The wise said" I am fair to say. I don't know her way"
The thief looked very sad and the tears tend to descend.
The wise said" but I know one way through the dive into sea to meet there that king
Who his judgment is very fair and is known for all beings"
The thief said" but how can I dive and I can't know even right method to swim with safe side"
The wise said "don't ask and go right"
The thief let the wise and went. He stood beside the sea shore. He talked to it and said
"Dear sea, Here passed a prophet from the more merciful God. He escaped from the worst king .You was helped by the god when he ordered and you obeyed. I will ask you a demand.
Could you help to be safe and return the peace and life to the smartest princess?"
He cried loudly when he remembered that he must said that
"sana, sana, sana"