The thief 22

أجمل صور متحركة .. لا اتطوفكم صور روعه

The three phenomenons"b"
Then he heard the same voice "Fell to the earth again please and be silent as you could. If you don't you will be lost"
The same words were be heard by the wise at his meeting end. He stayed without movement. He put his face to the earth and covered his ears by his two hands.
The ghosts appeared again. They walked around. Their sounds were frightened
He couldn't bear those sounds so he wanted to quarrel with them. He wanted to let his legs to the wind and ran as he could. But the hand caught him in strong and he heard" If you want to achieve your demand .Be patient to get the end"
He laid silently and the dark increased its darkness. He heard the feet's walk. He heard a loud talk. Saying in obvious talk" We will make every strange lost his mind and become at range of madness and be out of man kind conception. Who could have a courage to face force that is over range of doing his dream and knowing. If he face us
He will be bad and arduous. If he will certainly want to know, if he still lives or gets dead or he will be in wild mood. As several strange things happened to everyone
Who tried to experience our done?
He will like to be dead or like alive without head. He will be hurt by every child or be mocked by every woman. All world deals him as a wild. All worlds wish him to be dead. The earth will refuse him .He will die as forsaken
Who dare us?
Who told us? "
The thief hated those talks and he wanted to loud his voice .The jinn covered his mouth with a strong hand to get assurance that he couldn't say any word or talk
The unseen winds appeared. The moving clouds appeared and the ghosts were singing
"We are the strangers
We are the strongest
Who can dare us?
Who can face us?
If he does, he will get his reward
He will get his bad demand
His luck will be blocked
He will be died
He will get his end"
The winds blew up. The rains fell down. The ghosts cried of fear. Saying" forgive us our god"
They ran fastest than the winds. They had disappeared .The thief got up after the world got calm and the ghosts ran.
He thanked the jinn much and the jinn said with an approach "One wanted to achieve his dream, must be patient and his moderate mood governs his act"