The thief 18

The Wise man
The thief walked to that home and knocked only three knocks. Then he waited and walked aside .He was fear of that guy that her heart was heard and did voice as a big drum. His face became completely red as it got out from a furnace and his hands were vibrated so obvious. There was not any sign of hearing opening the door. He became nearly tempered
He didn't count the time passed as he knew he might stand all the day with no result. He looked to the upper sky .He found it filled with clouds. He waited for minutes and his heart filled of troubles. The fear governed the hearts and it appeared very wild
By fortunate the door is opened and he found man with bowed stature and his sight looked down. His forehead was wrinkled and his eyes were almost opened.
He said "what do you want?"
His sound seemed vibrant and his face inspired of anger. The thief remembered those words. He smiled and said with polite sound:"Dear sir, I want to meet the king"
The old said" oh! Who is the king? "The world filled with kings. The king of love ,madness or the earth. There are also the kings of universe. The king of jinn ,Are those governing the other world that can't be seen but remarked.
Then he asked "Whose of these kings do you point?"
The thief said "the jinn's king!"
The old said "who is of the jinn's king?"
The thief said "how many king do you know?"
The old said "we are three kingdoms!"
The thief said "what did you say? We are! , that's mean that you are .Then if I killed you, you will be died! And I killed the one of jinn .then they called me the jinn's killer. I will gain money. I will be rich .Rich. No stealing .No thief"
The old answered rapidly "No you can't"
Then he appeared in huge giant. So the fear filled the thief's heart and his mind was absent. After that he was waked up.
The old said "there is prudence! Said: don't neglect the smaller .Deal with them with arrogance .You may be as date tree that stands against the strongest winds when they appeared and it dealt with a small tree with winds and it laughed at it.
It said" you are not looked. You are not seen and neglected. You can be smashed by the feet of an important or an unimportant one. That is not matter.
The small tree said "If you are proud .There is one above who controlled with fair enough
He is more power, he is the strongest.
Suddenly the swirl is blown up. The date tree was gone and the only safe was that small tree which became out of the swirl.
The thief said" yes that is right forgive my fault and I don't main any harm I don't mean any wrong. I don't come to make bad matter that causes trouble or wrong"
The old said" I live her for the last till the life comes to the end to spread peace all over the world.  I hate the kill and its word .I hates the war. Let's build a new world .Build it with love and calm and peace. That is only our new world. Thai's our work .it may be hard. But it is useful. The stopping of the hate and the war is the worst words. Build for safe and for love .Damage the fear of war and the hate .Live with peace all over the world