The thief 15

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The trick
Your hair moved freely and long that air left it easily. I can believe it can be tall, and long as the sun lines in tall.
The jinn said" oh! Thanks for all; we can be friends for a while. I will let you eat not little
And drink like that bottle, and play to get some different between fear and amusement.
Do you accept this agreement?"
The thief said "who can refuse that offer!"
The jinn said "now let us begin our compete. The race begins here to the upper cloud there
Now! Let's begin that faster"
He flew to the cloud and returned faster than the eye's blink .The thief clapped his hands
And said with amused look "bravo dear majesty!!. But to get the race in good
We want you to show in short way to get that end."
The jinn said "in spite of my thought that says is not good and as you are neglect my conditions for the race. I will show you That" .He got off, but the thief said" Wait !dear majesty! .I want you to let us nearer to see the road in the front clear and ease as you could.
The jinn said" in spite of a thought that's seems some clouds and foggy in my heart and mind .I have no object!"
He bowed and lifted the boss by a hand and put on the left
The thief said "do you mind to point at the road and explain the road which we will look "
The jinn said "that is awful demand. But I will have a talk"
He began to explain, and after he finished he said" Are you ready?"
The thief said "yes let's count"
The jinn said "count!, count"
The thief said "one, two, and three". He began to fly .As he couldn't lift his weight, he cried from that pain that is gotten at his head because his hair was tied strongly by the road behind
The thief hurry entered the jinn's ear carrying a sharpener road of wood.
He said "now I could get you wound in your inner ear"
The thief laughed and said "Oh! I will have dead .This is a weak rod .It does only harm"
The thief said in hurry" Sure my lovely jinn as the rod had strong poison that kill the big mount in short ,in second."
The jinn cried and said" Please! Don't hurt me, as I do my work. I am ordered to stop every stranger and get him dead .my king had a word." If I do that, he will marry me with my love"
The thief said" do you have a love?"
The jinn said" we have been engaged for about thousand .I tried to save every gold to built our strong Home, beautiful and good"
The thief said "thousand! How old are you?"
The jinn said "I have four thousand years"
The thief said "now said your last demand before you had killed"
The jinn said "no ,no I will do every want. I will be your obeyed slave and did every demand"
The thief said "if I let you a live , you will let us go .You will also help us to know the way to get that bad work that was done by that bad one"
The jinn said "no!, but I will do only three wishes only take these two pieces of wood and scratches them hard. I will beside you in a moment"
The thief said" that is a deal"
The jinn said "indeed!"
The thief said "let's palm hands!"
Then he said "that is bad at my thought!"

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