The cat 6

The wolf jumped up
The wolf said at loud
"Who did that?
Who could hurt my lord?
Who could face the force?
Who could mock the intelligence?
I will learn him
I will punish them
I will hurt them"
He howled very loud
The fair was present
He appeared as the giant
The rat said "I am faired
I will run at once"
The dog collected his brave
He said at confident
"Our mission must be completed
We must do at speed
With brave and encourage heart
If god with you
You will not be defeated"
He said and looked
At sky at height"
My lord! Help your obeyed"
He said to the wind
"Will you help me
Will you give your hand?
"The wind said at loud "yes indeed"
He jumped up
The sun said
"you will not ask a help
From me my dearest"
He said   
"yes indeed"
The tree said
"And me my friend"
He said
"yes my dearest!"
They said at once "
We have the force
We are making power
The change that matter
We will defeat every arrogant"
The wolf cried at loud
The wolf howled several times
The art collected his power
And faced the arrogant!
He looked at land
Saying "you are that
Who will change the rule"
He laughed so loud
Making the rat's heart
Vibrated at speed"
The rat said at loud
"Come to me speed
 you want to see your lot!"