The poor

The boy said to his father
 "I want that game to play
I have enough time to spare
I have enough friends to share
I want to play, play"
The father was so poor
And had enough money to pay
He said to his son with smile
"Boy, you can run for a mile
But you can't do it than awhile
I have these few money
To spend them for you and mother
You have also a mother
Who wants to buy others
Things food or clothes
If I buy this game
What cant we do till the end
Of that month who passes
Slow or speed as our manner"
The boy "I don't know
I will do what I want"
He went to his mother
He said" father refused to get a game
I want it to play
To spend my time away
Of annoying you my dear"
The mother said the same
As the father told before
The boy went away
Searching for another father
He found an old one
Who appeared to be good
But he arrested him as a servant
And made him work hard
He cried very hard
His tears ascended a lot
He wished if he returned
He would kiss his father's hand
He would do with mother's hand
He would obey them with ever
He will not object them at any time
He waited till they were slept
He could burned the robe
Which was strongest tied
He could finally out
The man released his dogs
To get that escaped
The could returned at fast
The man stood at the father's door
He said "return my boy
Or you will be hurt"
The man smiled and said
"Wait and I will get
 What your demand"
He returned with a gun
Shot fires at the sky
The man returned fast
After he showed that shot
The boy embraced his father
They were embraced together
The boy the father and mother
The boy studied hard
To get a good place
To be enough famous
To get every worth