The faithful boy 2

The king looked at the boy
He ordered his soldiers
To kill this boy
They reached the high mount
They asked him
If he believed at the king
They will save him
Or the other
They will threw him
The boy said one word
He prayed to his God
"My God, protect me
As you want"
The mount vibrated hard
As the sky respond
As the air was angered
The soldiers was downed
They were all killed
He returned to the king
Why did he return?
He wanted to help him
He wanted to help the nation
To pray to holy God
To know their God
But he could escape
And help the other for faith
But he wanted the king
Who looked anger
When he saw him return
"What had done with your friends"
The king asked
My God save me
They were all killed"
The boy responded
The king filled with sad
His face got red
As he was at fire
He ordered some soldiers
To take him at the boat
Till the middle of sea
They asked hem
"did you believe at our king
As he is the only God"
The boy said with confident
As he knew the power of God
"My God is only one
 He is at above us
He knew every one"
He said "my God
Protect me from their hurt"
The sky became all opened
The ear was heard
The boat was overlapped
And the soldiers was killed
The boy walked on the waves
He returned to the king
The king asked" what was happened
To all your friends"
He said "my God protect me"
The boy looked at the king

He said" do you want to kill me?"