The cat 5

The wind ran to the sun
It was so busy
To feed the earth with warm
I wanted creatures to be warmed
She said "but you will be helped all creatures
To be safe and warmed
But you will be helped"
The wind blew up
Everything was annoyed
The things got up;
The trees tried to be saved
Their heads bowed
The truck is shacked
The wind got anger
The dog tried to jump
To get the lions hair
The lion got remarked
He struck the dog hard
He felt into the land
Wide ,wide and so hurt
The rat was encourage
He prayed to the God
To give him his hand
He tried to jump
The wind hurried up
She ascended up
She asked the clouds for a help
The clouds answered
She descended rains
The rat was lift up
The lion left his hand
But the rain was stood
Into the lion's eyes
He saw the rat huge
He felt with horror
He left his hand
With fear with tired
He stroke the rat hard
The dog saw what was done
He jumped up
He caught the rat
Hew was so thanked
The dog said he would mock
That awful and coward
He jumped so high
The lion followed him
Not only by his nails
But also with his tusks
The rat hurried up
He directed up
Nearest the lions head
He caught the a hair
And cut with strongest teeth
He finally cut the important
That was so important
The lion roared up
Saying "sons of devils
Who can hurt
Your hope and faith
Who can hurt the peace
Who can destroy the king?"
The wolf ran and stopped
he said with loud
"lord I know the fact
Who did it and act?