The young bird

There was a young fly
Everyday got up early
And sang a good song
His voice was so good
It carried best melody
It made a harmony
With the wind blew
With the birds sang
It told a good tales
It spread the hope
For new dawn comes
The mother said to him
"Pay attention to the fly
Come from the sky
It may be cowards or eagles
It carries danger at their nibs
So you must play beside
Not go at wide"
The small bird agree
"It said that is o.k.
I don't go wide"
But when he was out
The small female bird came
She said "come to play   
Near the river way"
He said "but it is danger
To go wide from her
Please let's play"
She said "No, it will be safer
To play near the river
We fly under the tree's branches"
They did as they could
The reached near the river
The eagles saw them
They kidnapped the small
They flew at high
The birds annoyed
Two smaller were kidnapped
They will be eaten to their children
The mother came they knew the disaster
 They knew what happened
They asked their God
For save and help
The wind heard their prayers
They moved to help
They blew hard
The eagles were at swirl
They stood on the branch
The sun concentrated the lights
At the birds eyes
They couldn't see
They couldn't know the way
They crashed at each other
The two smaller were returned
They asked their mothers
They cried for forgiveness
They learned important things
Obey your parents
Don't go a wide
Unless you have a guide
Or friend or good relative
Who keeps his eyes
And keep you out of dangerous