The faithful boy

There was a magic man
Who did the magic at the king
Days after days he became old
He asked the king to choose a young
To learn him the ways of magic
The king brought him one
He was so intelligent and young
He went to the magic to learn
Returned to his family to eat
He wanted also to have a rest
One day, he met a prayer one
Who prayed away of anyone
He knew there was a God
He created the world
The boy learnt how to pray
How to thank his god
The prayer said to the boy
If you are late to your home
Say I late at the magic man
And if you are late to the magic man
Say I was late at my home
The boy did that for days
More or less we don't know
One day, there was a wild
Hurt every one try to pass
It filled the people with fears
 The boy said "that day, I will know
Who is the faith the prayer or the magic
He took a small stone
And said "in the name of adorer's God
 Kill this harmful one"
The wild was killed
The boy became so important
The people went to him
To be cured and healed
The adorer said to him"
Son you became so famous
If you were arrested
Do not know me to them!'
The boy asked "why?"
The man said "they will hurt me"
There was a blind man
Sat at the king divan
He went to that smart
He asked to cure him
And return his sight
The boy said "I don't have magic
First believe at God
And he will return your look"
The man said "I believe at my God"
The boy asked his God
To return his sight
The man could look again
When he sat at the divan
The king saw he could look
He asked him "how did occur?"
The man said "by the help of God"
The king looked at him
And said "that is me indeed"
The man said "no, your and my God"
The king said "you pray another one
You must be killed"
He hurt him till he told the king
About the boy way
The man was killed
And the boy was in
The boy told about the adorer
Who was also killed
The king said to boy believe at me
You will be live"
The boy said "no ,there is only one god"
The king ordered some of soldiers
To takt that boy over high mount
And asked him
If he believe at me
Let him
If he believe at his god
Threw him"
They reached at height
They asked him
"Who is your God?