The cat 7

The rat, the dog and the wind
The sun, the tree, the birds arrowed
As the lion appeared with his roared
He talked as usual at loud
His speech made the land scared
The hearts feared and shivered
The lion said "I am here
I am still the king here
Who can stir me for a mile?
Who can challenge my might?
I will cut him into pieces
I will made him the food for birds
He will burned at the bottom of crowed
The ugly creatures will not eat him
They will hate every span of him
He will be left for ever
He will be damned
By the sky, the land and the cloud
I will return my lost"
The rat said at whispered
"I am fill of fear
This is unbalance battle
The both are so strong
Who can face those wild"
The dog said "we do all that
To help our friend for God sake
And our God will give his hand
To those want his hand
To whom live with bad
Feeling of fear and fright
We have several friends beside
Us who do their effort"
The lion jumped so high
The rat thought he might
Touch the sky at height
The battle began at fast
The art wanted to escape
The wolf said "where can you hide?
I will teach you the last lesson
I will make you nothing
You will ask for death
The dead also will be wide"
The wind swirl with power
Make the tree sang of song
Carrying mean of damn
At all carrying bad heart
The sun concentrated its rays
At the lion and wolf eyes
The lion said "not at this time
He roared time after time
The rat returned and stood
"Come here my want"
The wolf jumped at anger
The rat waited for him
The rat turned several times
Beside the fallen of wolf who jumped
The lion saw that
He wanted to attack him
The dog faced him
The lion strike him
That made him fallen wide
The rat saw what happened
The wind came at speed
She carried the rat at height
The wolf jumped at side
He jumped wrongly at wolf
Who howled of hurt
The lion said with sorrow
"I am so sorry my dearest"
The wind carried the dog
At the head of the lion
Who fell into the land
The wolf saw the lion
Fell at land at moment
He wanted to help him
The rat caught sand
And jumped and threw at the wolf
The wolf cried with tough
"my eyes ,my eyes"
The lion faced the rat
He wanted to finish that
The sun put its eye
At the eyes of that wild
He said "my eyes, my eyes
The wind carried the art out
While the tree carried the dog
Nearest the wolf head
The wind returned the rat
Nearest the wolf head
As the lion fell into it
He fell at the wolf  at bad
The wolf's head was only appeared
The dog was thrown at the lion' head
The lion lost his mind for moment
More or less
That was not mentioned
The rat cut the hair of wolf
The wolf said "my moustache was cut"
They both were carried to the doctor
Who mixed them at fast
They drank their friend
To make her cured
The cat stood as the healed
They danced for what was past
It said "the love is important
The cooperate with friends can't be faced
It can made the iron melt
And the bad hurts will be escaped