The faithful boy3

The boy said to the king
"If you want me to be killed
Nation must be collected
One arrow will be taken
From my arrow's pod
Saying at loud
"In the name of boy's God"
And let the arrow off
I will be soon killed"
The king did all that
He crossed the boy at height
Previously, the crowd was gathered
An arrow had been taken
The king said at loud
"In the name of the boy's god"
He aimed the arrow to him
He let the arrow to shot  
The boy was already killed
The nation said one word
"We believe at the boy's God"
The follows of the king said
"What was you afraid
Was fallen without doubt"
The king "what can I do
To return those to me"
The follows said
"They must be punished"
The big slots were drilled
And big fire will be occurred
The guards asked the walkers
"Who do you believe in
Our king or the boy's God?"
If one said the king
He would passed
If he said the king
He will be dead
By thrown at a slot
The many were killed
And there was a woman
Carried a small child
He was still infant
The guards asked her
The same ask
She said with fear
"I believe at God"
They wanted to get back
The infant said with courage
"Why do you want to escape?
Aren't you at right
Is not him our god"
The infant was talked
By the power of God
With amazed of the guards
The woman threw at the slot
And the believers resisted
The wrong faith that was occurred
My boy the world can be changed
By you only you
If you want
Do what is right
For your nation and land
Do what is good
For your world
Believe at your God
Obey your parents
Kiss their hands
Saying with big smile
"You are my best rose
I have met at my life"