One day j "The melted man"

The man was walking very sad. He lived on a village beside the Nile river. He used to walk on the morning,and at night. He decreased his friends as he said, “the friends are now bad.they used to mock on me as I have no sons and daughter.”
He had a cultivated land that his father reclaimed it. His father grew sheep and cows. The only demand to complete his happy as his life was good and moved stationary. His wife and him wanted to get child,boy or girl. They first wanted boy,but when they grew up they asked only daughter. The boy in that town is important as he help his father at his work he can carry the responsible of the home demands as he could work and get money. People make great celebrate when the woman born a boy. The man got sad. He walked beside the Nile river ,at summer and at winter. At the beyond cave made of traps tided with strong ropes. He washed from Nile and prayed to God. He asked him one only demand “boy or girl”
The people used to see him praying ,crying and asking God.
One day, in the winter,when the weather was cold and the night was very cold. He did wudoo even the weather was very cold and the frozen water freezing the hands and the legs. The man did his Wudoo and prayed to his God”Oh! God! Help me!the people mocked on me!I wanted a child any child to stop their mocking, please give my demand even it was made of sweet.”

The weather was cold. The clouds covered the sky. The stars were shamed and got cold. They got warm by covering by the rays of the sky. The stars felt cod,so they went to sleep>the storm blew up,the winds increased their speed. The lighten appeared and the thunder was heard.the rains became to ascend. They ascended first little and they ascended more.They covered and spread every span of the earth. The lighten made a big light hat draw a big shape of old creatures.They can draw animals in battle. The thunder increased its attack. They moved from the sky downed a blink. The man was downed to the earth. The lighten increase the man was unconscious.the winds blew up, they lift lifted the cave from the root. The cave was up and then was downward. The man was stuck by a big piles of straws. He was up. The lighten ascended to the river. He saw the water lifted up. He saw the water could touch the sky. Even the rains were much,he found his cloths were still dried. He saw a big and shine light stroke the river and then the big shape was appeared. He filled with fear. He hided his eyes by his hands.he tried to move and tried to get up .the lighten was shine.he tried to run.then he saw a strange shape