One day 1e

The anger increased
It was appeared
The Satan was viewed
On their faces
He tried to make elegance
His speech raised
He talked by their tongues
He made a complete plane
They designed and decided
The devil’s orders
They bought a car
It was an old car
They tied him in front
They stopped and were out
The car was speed
When they let him alone
They put it
At the end
Over the mount
The car was fallen
Speed as the shot
It was crashed
Then it had been fired
No one was out
They celebrate at loud
They cried at loud
They talked at loud
Finally we get money
The happy is near by
We don’t let it bye
They went with happy
They danced for happy
They suddenly saw a shape
Appeared on front
They thought he was a ghost
At the first of their blink
They were astonished
They asked what?
What had happened?
He said with calm
As he was a man
Not child but man
What had been happened?
He said when car failed
I was fallen
The door was open
I was on
High and strong branch
Which I was at the beach
Of getting save without harm
They cried of hate
They decided to get shot
They brought him a lone
In wide and far area
They tied his eyes
The Satan said in bad
Why do you wait?
You must have no mercy
To gain every happy
You must get it bravely
Or you will lose your enjoy
The time is now with you
Tomorrow even mine
May not with you
Don’t wait
Go ahead
To get every good”
The angel appeared
Over high cloud
Talking in sound
Heard by every heart
The love must be heard
By your mind and heart
Your relative is your arm
To get overlapped the bad
To make strong tie
Stood against warm
The love must govern
Kill every warn
To get your heart wide
Of what we called love”