One day 1c

They saw the dust
Covered every sight
Puzzled every thought
They thought in fact
The boy was dead
They sang, sang a lot
They made some laugh
The uncle was the oldest
Dance as the youngest
Saying with happy
I will made a project
Having a lot of employee
I will choose my secretary
She must have a beauty
And will dress in eye
I will make happy
At my rest time
I will buy a palace
That is elegance
The second was aunt
She laughed aloud
She said
Our obstructer dead
I will marry a youth
Who returns my face
Beauty and elegance
I will make my contrary
Bit their finger badly
I will buy a car
Wide and smart
That is not ascended
My home at country
Surrounded by green
My life will be rest
And happy at every side
The last was the cousin
He said that
I will buy the home
Having every game
Having new frame
Of looking at my shape
I will give my friends
Some games to play
Sometimes and take them
To make all them
Angry and hate
Themselves as I want
I will buy a bike
Having motor fight
The dust and the dark”
They danced a lot
Till they heard a sound
Paining and stood
Hardly and they looked
With bad hope
They fell to the land
Crying of hate

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