One day I

The sun looked angry
She said clearly
The kind heart can not be hurt
The kind heart is  know softly
Obeys his God kindly
Knows the favor respectfully
Returns the worst with fully
Kind and good behavioral
Devil can not be angel
Devil can destroy without mercy
Angel obey his God completely
The green can not be yellow
The good plants can not be worst
The kind land can not be dessert
I am raising daily
I want to destroy the godless
I want to get bad creatures destroyed
I want to clean the world from the worse
The winds touch his cheeks softly
They whispered at his ear kindly
“don’t obey your thought
Don’t convert to be the worst
Every thing damned the squalid 
I will say a word
God looks to the kind
God makes his life soft
And he save him from the hurt”
Boy cried at loud
He said in loud
‘who saved me from thee hurt”
He said the sounds
Coming from all sides
Only you god
He said at lowly
“who could beat the ugly”
They said loudly
“only your God only’’
He threw the stone away
He bowed with cry
The winds dried his tears
He looked around
The fire increased
He must get his uncle saved
He asked for help
The sound was not been heard
As thee place was wide
No one was been showed
Except tower at wide  
He called no one respond
He looked at
The fire got closest
He saw a lake
After it was a rocket
At the limit of mount
The eagles were called
They carried him up
He was in the front
Of that rocket
He prayed to his God
To help him to move that
The winds blew up
The eagles came at first
The rats were presented
The cats pushed, pushed
The rocket couldn’t be moved
The fire got closest
It would touch him in fast
He called for God
The winds said”God”
The rats and the cats
They said “Oh God”
The rocket was moved
It was fallen at
The lake downed
Making great amount
Of water getting up
It fight the danger
It downed the flames
It chased it out
The water made a bright
And rainbow was cleared
The man at wide
Called the help
To say what is wrong
The man was saved
The relative boy were attendant
They knew they were bad
The bay was good
The judge asked
Who will care of that smart
The boy’s relatives said                             

His lovely smart
Nanny who taught
How to get love
And help the weak one!